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good and cheap dirt bike to register for road

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by d7b, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    been looking at a crf250x to register for road use and trail rides. 250 because cheaper and fuel efficient.

    are there any other dirt models out there (any make, husky/ktm/yami) which would be a cheap 250 to buy which i can register for the road?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. most of the modern dirt bikes are not cheap in the medium term because they are so fragile in the engine department. There time between rebuilds is measured in hours not 10s of thousands of kilometer.

    the cr family would fall into this.

    So go an older style traily like a DR650. not quite as good on fuel (though not far off), but a lot cheaper in the long term.
  3. noooooooo dont do it. They (as are most histrung enduro machines) are rediculously unreliable and maint intensive. ie service every 500kms, valves every thousand or 2 especially on a honda. top end rebuilds max 10,000km ect ect.

    Yes Try any of these. 5000km service intervals, reliable as buggery and cheap to run and work on.

    Suzuki: DRZ250,DRZ400E/S,DR650E
    Kawasaki: KLX250S,KLX400S
    Yamaha: TTR250
    Honda: XR250,XR400

    ive had lots of experience with the suzuki DR's and they are great as road bikes.

    Stay away from Enduros and head for the trail/dual sports as listed above.
    much much much better for the road and still capable on the dirt
  4. great responses and confirming others that have told me the same. the drz and klx's seem to get great ratings. i like the ttr's as well but also pretty pricey.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. +1 !!
    The DRZ 400 is the pick of the bunch, unless your aiming for bigger road rides, then go for the DR 650
  6. WR250R, they go for miles and miles and miles....... they are light and cost bugger all to run.
    Or if you can handle less road use you know big two smokers are the only real mans trail bike and are also cheap to service. First service on a husky 300 was around the $100 mark.:eek:
  7. Cheap & WR,CR,KX so forth don't go in the same sentence.
    Even the XR still ask's for too much.
    The KLX's & DR's are a great bike. They handle the road well, And if you cant have fun on one off road your a wanker or you should be racing.
    They go for a few weeks instead of hours between oil changes. And all round they make you grin big for little outlay. That's the point isn't it?
  8. XT250/XT225's are good little runners. Many do well over 50k without overhaul.

    Older DR250's, XR250's, KLR250's (though water cooled) etc.

    Lots of good bikes to be picked up sub $1500 if you keep your eyes peeled.
  9. i'd be looking at the yamaha wr-f range, not that i am biased or anything (having 2 of them) haha.

    gearing on the 250's is fairly reasonable, with between 4th and 5th being enough to reach 130+ easy enough.

    but if you're going to do road use but still want an enduro bike, not some overweight, undersprung pig of a thing go the 450. my 06 450 has done over 10,000 k's with the only issues being a broken wire in the stator and a bent selector fork in the gearbox (rider mistreatment for the gearbox)

    i seem to do oil and filter in my 450 every 1000-1500k's, depends if i get around it, and have no valve trouble.

    not that i'm bagging crf's (i have a crf450r), but the gearing in either of the x models is not suited for road use, always spinning too many revs at highway speeds +

    dr 650 is good too for mild off roading, but the suspension lets it down. they are very reliable though. extremely so.

    just depends what sort of balance you want between dirt and black stuff.
  10. Yup,go the DRZ or ol' DR...workmate I had a while back had an ol DR650,treated it like sh!t,it just kept on...finally got it serviced & tuned...
    ...nearly killed himself with the extra HP... :LOL:
  11. seems Suzuki and Kawasaki seem to be getting good rep in this range of bikes. drz400 and klx250s seem the business.

    i am biased towards the klx250 as it has reverse telescopic forks on even most of the older models and a lower price tag.

    I have had such a strong bias towards honda/yami in the motoX disciplines and Husky's in the motard racing.

    Guess i must have not been paying attention when Carmichael and Smith dominated with Kawa/Suzuki bikes :-S
  12. The trouble with any bike over 300cc, especially in NSW, is that the CTP green slip costs go way up, and while day to day running costs are low, its the annual rego. renewal that costs an arm and a leg.
  13. Can you road register a 2-stroke?
  14. yep, why you ask?
  15. I'm just looking to get something lighter than my 990SM, and all options are being considered. 690e, 530 exc, or possibly keep the SM and look at a 300 sx...
  16. cant register the sx models obviously but an exc you can. i've always wanted a 300 exc-e motard. maybe one day when i have more $
  17. Those 2 would be my pick as well for a trail bike that's meant mainly for off road riding and mostly ridden only on road to get to the dirt bits, say 70% dirt/30% road.

    The KLX250 has a nice 300cc big bore kit available that makes it's quite a bit zippier :)
  18. Hey guys,

    I just picked up a Yamaha DT230.... after the research it seems to be pretty good for a entry level off road rider like myself and the odd run to the shops type of thing....

    NSW Greenslips are ridiculous! I needed to find a bike that was 226cc and under in order for it to be cheap ($120)! Crazy.... I rode the DT230 and was sold....