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Good advice goes a long way!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Victoria road – just at the lights near the Drummoyne RSL club.

    The lights are Red and I’m just sitting at the front with only one other car next to me in the right lane. As I’m there waiting and pedestrians are walking in front of me across the road, I hear the horrible sound of a lock up and it’s coming from behind me.

    I then look up and see the Pedestrians look over me and start scattering and I instinctively just launched forward through the intersection disregarding the red.

    As I get to the other side I turn and see a white ute smoked up half in my lane and half in the inside lane exactly where I was sitting just moments before. I feel very lucky, but more so extremely great full to those people on here who over and over again say “when you ride – think like everyone is after you and you’ll be fine†Advice like that gave me the mindset I feel which set me up to be able to react accordingly and quickly.

    On ya lads!
  2. It's Lotto time for you. Even though it was your instincts and not your luck, still wouldn't hurt!!

    Good on you for taking fast action!

  3. It doesn't sound like you even looked if traffic was coming the other way, where you unable to pull out a bit and turn onto the crossing part?>

    Id much rather a lil rear end then completely taken out across an intersection
  4. Well I would think that since he would have been facing in the correct direction, that just maybe his eyes were open and he would have seen if there were cars coming.

    Nice work Repsi, sounds like you trust your instincts and reflexes and you avoided a situation that many might have said "You can't do anything about that" to.
  5. After pulling up and before the screech of brakes, did you see the ute coming up behind you in your mirrors? Always check mirrors - always! :wink:
  6. Good Work mate !
    Good instincts, and perhaps a little luck ( riding thro a red ) got you through a situation that could have been disasterous.
  7. Sorry .. just didnt want to sit on 'THAT' number too long :wink:

    Joined: 08 Jul 2007
    Age: 46
    Posts: 666 <<<<< :shock: :shock:

    I don't walk under ladders either :oops:
  8. hardly sounds like it would have been a 'lil' rear end at all.

    I know of a case in adelaide where a person was rear ended on their scooter by a van & died.
    so i commend Respi for taking evasive action.
  9. The most embarrassed I've ever been was when I did that to a poor motorcyclist myself at twice in a row. I hadn't driven a car for a few years, and my braking points were way too late :oops:
    I got out of the car to appologise and explain, but the poor guy obviously thought I was an idiot and rode off before I could get three words out.
    I still feel like a dick just describing it 20 years later :cry:
  10. Well done, Respi!

    Devnull, they're certainly very different vehicles. Sometimes I'll see people driving and I reckon they MUST be riders! (take the shortly ending lane at the lights, and clearly disappointed by their lack of acceleration :LOL:
  11. Thanks all!
  12. guilty :(
  13. Nah I reckon they are generally not bikers, just knobs that severely over estimate theirs or their cars ability to accelerate off the lights.
  14. Yeh, I've never owned a car and hardly ever drive. When I do drive, passengers frequently comment (complain) on my strange and fast cornering!
  15. Nicely done, I know the exact lights you're talking about, they catch a lot of people off guard there.
  16. I don't believe you were completely in that mindset because if you were, you'd have been sitting at those lights checking your mirrors often for traffic coming up behind - anticipating the possibility of some driver rear ending you.... if you had done this, you'd have seen the ute coming up and known you were about to be in the shit and perhaps even have had time to do something other than react the way you did...which I believe was dangerous. Instead you relied on the sound of tyres screeching behind you and the reactions of the pedestrians in front of you...and then without looking...relying on instinct... rode through a red light, across an intersection and you say it is then that you look behind you and see the white ute.

    I don't mean to get stuck into you..nothing personal...just something that hasn't sat right with me since reading it. Always have an escape plan for instances such as this. Light was red. Car coming up behind. Instead of riding thru a red light you could have ridden in front of the car waiting on your right and stopped, out of harms way and lessl ikely to be cleaned up by other traffic.

  17. I'll post a pic of the intersection which may help illustrate things better!

    my reaction was based on the fact the these lights are at the bottom of a hill and the ute came over the top of this hill heading down towards the lights. The problem wasn't that I could not see traffic but whilst I was stationary and waiting (10 - 15 secodns already passing) he managed to a.) stay in my blind spot
    b.) totally miss the fact that the light was red.

    I then saw the reaction of the pedestrians, knew no danger existed in me going through because of the intersection is not setup for fluent movement across it if you are coming from either of the two roads that run through victoria road.

    I'm not the greatest at explaining things but I know that I did the right thing and would do it over and over and over again given the same circumstances.

    i'll get a pic shortly from google earth.
  18. I know the set of lights, and I have seen a number of cars run the lights due to not seeing/not caring.

    You survived, didn't get hit, and didn't hit anyone - sounds good to this noob ;)

    I'm starting to see why the instructors continually drill head checks/mirrors :/