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Good 600cc bike for the track?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Admiral Thrawn, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I'm gonna buy a 600cc sport bike from 2002 onwards at auction which is in a 'repairable writeoff' condition for the track, until I commit to buying something like a 125GP.

    I'll fix up what needs to be done, put race glass on it, remove the lights, add foam seat, etc. Basically it won't be for road use at all.

    Point is, which would be a good bike (for the sole purpose of track use) to get out of:

    Yamaha YZF-R1
    Kawasaki ZX-6R
    Suzuki GSX-R600
    Honda CBR600RR

    I realise they are all 'good' in general but any particular characteristic of each I'd be interested to hear about, as well as any likes or dislikes you may have had.

    I'm 5'8, 70kg.


  2. Track bike

    You'd be far better off buying a bike already set up. I worked at Bob Martin Engineering for 3 years & most bikes from the auctions were very costly to repair. Guys would say it's only for the track & I would think to my self 'if I'm riding something to the limit, shouldn't it be in top order?'.
    Most ex- race bikes are sorted to go straight away. A road bike will need stuff like tapered steering head bearings, a good exhaust, race fairings, suspension set-up etc. I'd be looking at some thing ready to go as it will be cheaper in the long run. Yamaha R6 or CBR600 would be a good starter.
  3. Re: Track bike

    Where would I be able to find ex race bikes? What sort of $$ would I be looking at?

    The reason for going with an auction is (obviously) the price. I want to save money for later when I fork out for a serious race bike like a 125GP.

    I anticipate crashing this bike, so it won't be in 'top order' for long anyhow. :p
  4. Re: Track bike

    I agree a bike set up already is gonna be much cheaper. Have a look at the classifieds at www.aus-superbikes.com.au
  5. Re: Track bike

    All the late model race bikes seem to be $10k +.

    How is that cheaper than buying a salvage bike for $4k and spending a few k on it?
  6. Check out http://www.aus-superbikes.com.au/

    There's some very decently priced bikes there. I'd agree about the point of salvaging a crash bike, if you're going to be fangin it round to the bikes limit, then you'd be better of buying one which has been proven to be up to the task.
  7. For instance there's an 02 R6 on there for $5k! Gold!
  8. Or how about skipping a 600 altogether and just getting started with an old 125GP bike?

    They can be had for $3k. Sure, it won't be competitive in races but surely it's still a good way to get started, and will still teach you corner speed, etc. I'll probably race 125GP anyway and just buy a newer bike with spares down the road (i.e. 6 - 9 months time).
  9. Why would you go 600 then 125GP? Just start on the 125GP. Great way to learn how to race.
  10. Well, the main reason was that a serious competitive late model (e.g. early 00's) 125GP (including spares) will set you back $12,000+. A new one is $15,000+ from factory (so no go-fast parts).

    But you can't beat $3k for a 125GP as a tool to learn your craft without worrying about crashing more $ during the 'learning phase'.

    The problem is it is a '91 and that is getting seriously ancient for a race bike. Should I be concerned about reliability and maintenance costs? How much will it be off the pace?

    If it is slow then at least it will teach me to wring it's neck and ride at the absolute limit to do decent times. :LOL:
  11. Are you gonna race this first bike, or just learn to ride it at the track?

    When you crash, mostle you break clip ons, rear sets, levers etc. They all cost pretty much the same regardless of bike make. Oh and race glass too, which once again is about the same regardless of bike make.
  12. Not sure, but probably race it. It will save me having to get another bike too soon...

    I've been given advice not to bother about a 125GP bike older than 95 or so.
  13. I'd agree with the 125 thing. As I said above about falling, regardless of bike, the repairs will be the similar. Get the bike that makes you feel all and fuzzy inside then ride it like you stole it and when you fall of it the first time patch it up and keep going. scratches and dents are signs of racing. But then what do I know.
  14. Yep. I'm now on the lookout for a late 90's 125GP bike. :)

    If anyone spots a good one for sale, let me know. :wink:
  15. ive decided to sell my 2001 gsxr 600 its all set up for racing. i done a few club rounds on it last year. comes with a lot of spares. if your intrested ill be bringing it to mt gambia in a month as a back up bike incase i crash my honda
  16. Starting out on a 125 will make you a far better rider in my opinion, as you need to rely on skill to be competitive. $5k will buy you a good starter, but can be had for less, often it depends how many spares you get with the bike.

    This is where I've sourced all my track bikes from, there's bound to be a few 125's there (tz125's are just as good):