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good 250's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pranksta, May 11, 2005.

  1. hi people, im new in the biking world and i want to get a bike soon and was wondering which 250's do you guys reckon are good? im talking the sports bike, not the ones that look naked (i dont know any other way to describe it). oh yeh, i'd like to mention that i'm looking for 4-stokes only..which ones are good? which ones are also value for money?

    thanx heaps
  2. G'day Pranksta, welcome to Netrider.... Don't forget coffee nights.

    In response to your question, you can never go past a ZZR250 as a bike that will take you through your restrictions period looking like you belong on a bike.

    Also, if you are kinda on the large size, a zzr250 will suit you. For me, there is nothing worse than a person the size of a Samoan Professional Wrestler sitting on a little 250, looking like them clowns in a circus that ride them little red bikes. LOL.

    They are also very reliable, very forgiving, and also very good looking, and they go faster than a Virago, and faster than a CB250.

    Also a statistic that stupidly isn't exploited by Kawasaki.... on a pro rata scale, and on a per capita setting, the ZZR250 actually clocks in at only 2% less in aggregate speed than a GSX1000 over 2000km at a constant 45 degree sweep. So stick that up ya bum non restricted riders!!!!

    But I have loved my year with the lil ZZR and I know others have and will also.



    Don't forget coffee night.
  3. ZZR 250 for sure, I sat on one while lookin for bikes and it felt bigger than a normal 250 sporty, didn't look too small either
  4. ZZR 250 for sure, I sat on one while lookin for bikes and it felt bigger than a normal 250 sporty, didn't look too small either
  5. If you have money to spend look into these -
    Honda CBR 250 RR (RR is the best)
    Yamaha FZR 250
    Kawasaki ZX2R 250
    Suzuki GSXR 250RR
    These are the best, prettiest, fastest, most expensive 250 sport bikes available in NSW. I think the asking price on these is usually between the $4000-$8000 mark (you'd have to be fcuken retarded to spend 8k tho). Altho they're the coolest, they're also the most expensive to insure, blah blah blah.

    If you want something cheaper check out these -
    Suzuki Across ((Some)Netriders refer to these as Handbags).
    Kawasaki ZZR (GPX's prettier sister)

    If you want to go cheaper still, then I'd say go for a Kawasaki GPX 250. They have the same engine as the ZZR and are, in my opinion, the best value sports 250 around.

    Anyways, Ill check the accuracy of my post tomorrow when I am awake. Hope that helps
  6. The GPX250 is probably better alternative than the ZZR250 because it's not so porky and it comes in black, which isn't nearly as gay as the ZZR colours.
  7. Pragnasty,

    Love the streetfighter look mate...the dual lights and different mirrors look great!!!

  8. Never bothered with the 250 scene in brisbane we have restrictions but generally you can get away with it. However i have heard good things about the vtr 250 which is yet to be mentioned here, looks great especially if you prefer your world naked! Can pick them up for a very reasonable price and less to insure than their sports equivelant.
    But best advise that was given to me me i got the monster, narrow the field to a few bikes based on price and appearance, then organise a ride on each. You will know which one you want then.


  9. All 250's are bad (except the Across of course) and must be upgraded to larger bikes asap.

    Do your homework on the "hidden" costs such as maintenance and insurance. I'm guessing you are a younger rider so your nastiest surprise will be insurance. The faster 250's cost more to buy, they subsequently cost a huge amount to insure (if you are young and on a L plate). Because they cost a large amount of money you are compelled to insure the bike. Young riders buy the faster 250's because they wan't to go faster than the rest. As a L plater, pushing the boundaries of the bikes capabilities and your own will see you taking higher risks. Insurance companies are very good at calculating risk for you. Please see this for yourself, speak to an insurance company and get a quote for two bikes your a looking at (fast 250 - eg CBR250RR and slightly slower - but not by too much - Across.

    Heaps of bikes out there, don't get hung up on the fastest or shiniest for your first one. Get the one that best suits your needs.

    Save some $'s for your gear and the unexpected (tolls soon I hear!!).

    The most sensible way of looking at a bike or car purchase is to think in terms of
    "buy the cheapest vehicle that your ego can live with"
  10. All the 250's available new or second hand in Oz will be suitable for a learner in Oz

    but what do YOU need?

    Just a cheap commuter that's very forgiving and great to learn on?
    Does self image mean a lot to you?
    does reliability and longetivity count (ie will you be dumping the 250 for a bigger bike as soon as you can?)
    does resale mean a lot to you?
    Are you a 100kg + gorilla like me? or a skinny little "crack a phat and feint" guy? cos that 's probably the biggest issue.

    I can't afford to upgrade even tho I can legally, so longevity, reliability and reasonable (for a 250) ability in day tours is important, so I got an Across. Theses things are over engineered, 90-100,000k's before the engine gets tired if maintained. Reasonable size for a fat bastard like me, good resale, bloody excellent boot for luggage. CBR's ZZR's etc, IMHO are more likely to get tired around 50-60,000 k's, and may give you some issues in slow conering, due to the relatively poor turning lock

    Want something that'll get you reliably around town forever, cost buggerall to maintain, cheap as chips to run? Then the humble Honda CB250 is unbeatable, Yammie SR250 is also good but single cylinder (if that's an issue).

    Neither will be as good as the zzr, cbr, Across GPX, Zeal etc for the longer trips tho. Want more go and more "bling"?, CBR(R-RR), ZZR, Z2R, etc also the kwaka balius if you can find one, and the Yammie Zeal are good options.

    Basically, pick the one that appeals to YOU, sit on it and see if it's comfortable, and go for it!!

    Welcome to the phunny pharm btw, and enjoy the ride :D

  11. CBR might get tired around 50-60,000kms, but I wouldn't paint the ZZR/GPX with the same brush, Iffracem. From all reports their engines are good to 100,000km too, as long as you give 'em regular oil changes. In fact they're probably cheaper to service than an Across, as they only have two cylinders, not four.

    As the question - all the 250s (4-stroke) accelerate about the same, the only real difference is in top speed. You'd be better looking for one that suits your riding style and you feel comfortable riding than opting for one that can go 10km/h faster but isn't suited to you. Your best bet, as always, is to take 'em all for a test ride, and see which one 'just feels right'. :D