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Good 250cc to ride around Australia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Whitebigcar, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Hi
    Need advise as what are good 250cc to ride around Australia.

  2. In any absolute terms, none of them.

    However, if you must do it, (and as a former Honda Cub long distance tourer I understand the need) I'd say something like a Yam XT/TT250 or Kwak KL/KLX 250 which will allow you to take detours along a few roads less travelled.
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  3. One that's bored out to 400cc
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  4. Hyosung....when it detonates about 100km out of the city you would have learnt how much of a mistake you would have made.
    If you haven't ridden a 250 or been on one I would certainly make it a priority.

    Although I put 30k in 2 years on freeways on my beloved zzr250 and went to sydney and back a couple of times its simply to small and uneconomical on the open road, especially when you load it up with gear...and it will vibrate you to death.
    At-least a 500-600cc is where you want to be aiming, anything smaller has no useful power over 110km/h and won't cruise the speeds you want to be going out west ;)
  5. People are trying to explain to you that riding a 250cc bike at freeway speeds becomes real annoying very fast on a 20000 klm trip. The poor thing will be revving it's nuts off and you'll be in the throttle prob 3/4 the whole trip. If your staying on the concrete something like a 500 or bigger cc would be a lot better. Do u need a Lams bike?
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  6. I would take a zzr250 they are fine for sitting on 110kmh or a bit more (122km according to the officer for me) Don't vibrate, really and are a decent size. Can be had cheap like less than $3k cheap Go ok on dirt roads (I had mine uo to 90 on some good straights) . Have a huge tank so get 400km. Good service intervals

    The valves are a bit of a pain is there only real negative. Much better to ride around Australia than a lot of other bikes.

    I probably would buy an airhawk but most bikes need that.
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  7. Personally I'd lean to more a GS500/F, bit bigger, good economy and will cruise abit better at higher speeds.
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  8. Yes a 500 or bigger bike will do the trip easier than a 250. I have done a few trips of 2,000 kms over 3 days on my 250. It will use about the same amount of fuel as a 500 on the open road. So you will not save any money by using a 250. But if for some reason you want to do it on a 250. A ZZR250, Virago 250 or a CBR250r. And out of them bikes I would go with the ZZR250 because it has a 17ltr fuel tank and you will need a safe 300 kms on a tank. The Virago 250 has a small tank of about 9ltrs. You would have to look that up because I am only going by my memory.
    The GS500 would be a great bike for this trip with a 20lts tank and a safe 400kms or the newer CB500. A more refinded bike and I think they have a 17ltr tank
  9. I feel dirty typing it, but the current cb250 looks pretty tourable.
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  10. Are you sticking to the highways, or taking the scenic route?

    Anything Japanese is the only way to go. Choosing the model depends on if you want to hit some dirt and see the best parts, or simply pounding the pavement to get around it.
  11. I think a 250 would produce on a 'round Australia trip a number of issues:
    They tend to be "busy" out on the highway - not a relaxing ride. Introduce a fatigue factor. Get a big headwind or crosswind and you will know all about it.
    Unless you are travelling very light, they aren't usually capable of carrying a lot of gear, and adding much weight to a light bike does change their dynamics significantly.
    "Luggage" options are more plentiful for larger bikes
    Loaded, you won't have a lot of poke for overtaking,
    A loaded smaller capacity bike can use as much fuel as a larger bike which doesn't have to work so hard.

    But I am probably being unhelpful - My view would be the ZZR is probably the pick of what has been mentioned, for the reasons that have been given (mainly fuel tank size).
  12. Would probably depend on what distances you hope to achieve each day and how long you have planned for the trip. If you're doing 400+ kms a day, it would become very tiring. A bigger bike 500-600cc would be far more suitable. But I guess you've put a lot of thought into the trip. Couple of years back there was a "moto journalist" from India who did a 20000km round trip of Oz including Tassie and put up some wonderful photos on this forum. You should too. All the best.
  13. I also know someone who when around the whole country on a Postie Bike - yes, including Tassie. OK if you want to travel at 70 kph, smell the flowers, all that - can be done Google Postienotes for a travelogue.

    Over 500 days. You don't go anywhere quickly on a CT110.

    It can be done.
  14. yes I imagine the OP had a good reason for asking specifically for a 250, so there's not much point advising him to get a bigger bike.

    I personally think is would be part of the fun doing it on a smaller bike. Maybe not that small for my lard arse, but modern 250 are that much better. So long as you can exceed the limit by about 15 with a bit of gear on the bike, it should be ok.
  15. If he rides as slowly as he responds it could be a very long tedious road trip indeed.
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  16. Looks like he's headed off without us, wonder what mode of transport he chose.
  17. Or maybe he is busy trying each suggestion, but that would be a first :LOL: