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Gonna be late to work

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by crumpetman, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. I got on my bike this morning ready to head off to work and noticed my rear tyre is totally flat. :x
    Rolling it into the garage last night i thoughti heard a puncture sound but the tyre looked fine so i thought nothing of it.
    My question is what now? I'm in Essendon and need to get the puncture fixed and get to work asap. Any suggestions guys and gals?

  2. Take the rear wheel off and take to to the shope where Joe Cook is/used to be. Is there a bike shop still there?
  3. Not sure Vic. Don't know what Joe Cook is :p

    Okay so we've established the rear wheel has to come off. Two problems with that. 1) no centre stand on my little sex toy (intruder) 2) no farkin' clue what i'm doing. Suggestions?

    Does the tyre need to go to a bike shop or can any bob jane fix the puncture? If i need to go to a bike specialist where would you recommend?

    Thanks for the help guys
  4. ring me 0412214612
  5. Yamaha Sunbury do pick ups, locally for $15.

    Essendon isn't that far away, if you were desperate, try calling them.
  6. RACV membership will get you a tow to the bike mechanic
  7. problem fixed :)
  8. Fixing a puncture isn't a quick job except for a professional place.

    You could try one of those CO2 puncture repair kits... but personally I'd leave the bike and take the car or train or tram or bus to work and worry about the bike later.
  9. takes about 5 mins if you know how to use them, and is a lot cheaper than a bike shop repair.

    never be without your puncture repair kit (you can bet ya life the only time you dont carry it you will bloody well get a puncture)
  10. Wanna recommend exactly what to get?

    I've never had one, but think I should (and learn how to use it even)....
  11. When I had my puncture on my tyre a while ago I asked a similar question, and was told that you can pick up mushroom type plugs from most motorcycle accessory shops for around $25 that will work.

    Then mustang came along and said save your money, and buy a 4wd plug kit. Much cheaper (~$5) and work just as well. Can pick these up at most disposals, auto-parts shops, even k-mart.

    I can not verify that they work just as well, as I haven't had a puncture since. But I do carry a 4wd plug kit with me. (the instructions that came with the kit seem straight forward...) I have compared these plugs to ones from motorcycle kits and haven't noticed a difference really...

    Note: any plug in a motorcycle tire may influence the overall handling of the bike depending on where the plug is located and how it effects the balance of the tire. Different tires, plugs, bikes will all react differently. So a plug like this is a good fix, however when you first use it be a bit careful as you don't know how your bike will feel. There are people that recommend if you plugged your tire to replace it immediately (as it does decrease the integrity of the tire), but I rode on a plugged tire for over 8 000 k's without problem...
  12. Most bike shops will have puncture repair kits for
    a) tubeless tyres
    b) tubed tyres
    Additional to the kit (coming with instruction sheet), buy 3-4 CO2 cartridges (about $7-8 each) to inflate the tyre after plugging/ patching.

    If possible, opt for the TipTop-brand kits...better quality/ better glues than the cheap stuff.
  13. Well i'm back on the road and all patched up.

    I ended up pushing the bike to Bikes Plus on keilor road. Decided since the bike still runs fine without me on it i'll walk it with engine on which made things a lot easier. I did get a whole lot of wierd looks as i walked my bike down the main shopping strip sidewalk :D . One old lady even asked why i'm riding my bike that way. My reply, "I'm taking my bike for a walk" :LOL: She gave me a really confused look until i explained the puncture.

    Then it was a nice wait in the park opposite the bike shop reading Lord of the Rings and enjoying the sun. Remind me again, why was i in such a hurry to get to work?

    Thanks everyone for all the advice. Big special thanks to Glen who found a bike shop close by me and gave me some great advice. I owe you a coffee mate!
  14. Thats them, "Bikes Plus" couldnt think of the name.

    Joe Cook Honda used to be next door or something similar.

    Good to see that you got it all sorted.