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Gonna be a marathon three days at Marulan this November

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by AznCruiser, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Well ive decided to finally better my roadcraft and riding by booking myself into the TopRider Level 1 and Level 2 Advanced Rider Training at Marulan Nov 4th and 5th, plus a trackday with Popeye on the 6th………………………..

    Ive really only gone to Eastern Creek for previous track days which is close to home, so if ive forgotten something I’d just pop back home and back on track for the next session……..

    For me this three day riding is a different kettle of fish one because of the distance and two because of length. Spending 3-4 sessions at the creek got me buggered already, how the hell would 3 days be?

    Can anyone advise me on what to bring to make the weekend more comfortable and better?
    Im bringing…………..
    -Gatorade powder plus an empty 2L coke bottle
    -Change of clothes, shoes etc
    -Munchies and food
    -Laptop to watch movies at night
    For the bike…………….
    -tyre warmers
    -basic tools
    -10L petrol can
    -some 2 stroke oil
    -spare spark plugs
    -my ALDI pump and pressure gauge (if it ever arrives)
    -plenty of zip tie and sticky tape

    And that’s probably it…………….

    Also does anyone know if Marulan has any tyre changing facility or any power point for bikes? And can you use a video recording device (GoPro) for the track day and the rider training?................

    BTW if your doing those same courses, PM me ive booked a motel close by and wouldn’t mind shooting the breeze with and having one or two drinks.
  2. Power points run on generators for tyre warmers and what ever else, no problems with the gopro on the track either, just keep the noise levels down due to council installing a noise level microphone on the building
  3. Good idea on generators Goz, mine is a noisy sucker though that might get a frown from the organisers. Ill see if I could run the car and connect it through to the battery instead.

    Last cancelled track day there, the organisers pointed out the microphone and gave people pumping up their doof doof fully sik stereos , and revving their bikes a frown. Mine wont have any issues though cos im running stock exhaust on a stock bike...................

    Thanks for the GoPro advice, ill be sure to bring it, maybe pass up my nights doing video editing and drinking lol............
  4. That's going to be a long 3 days. good luck
  5. I might come and do the track day on the 6th....
  6. Yeah im a Sucker with a capital S.

    Was only supposed to do Sunday but thought that since ill be unemployed, then ill do Friday as well...........then somehow they convinced me to do level 2 on the Saturday...........

    I was an easy victim, all they had to do for the L1 and L2 was take off $100 off each courses lol..............
  7. Top stuff disco, me and Popeye will be there.......you know how my bike looks already :).

  8. did you say S or F?

    both my bikes are so loud i here s's & f's the same....

    dont think you will have a problem, i never heard a quieter 2 stroke as yours

    i am really looking forward to this track days, maybe the last one on my baby blade, just hope the weather holds up.

    the last one at EC seems so long ago now
  9. Lol yeah its a small two stroke and all stock too.

    Id hate it to be wet, would be a waste of money. If its wet I might stump up the $$$ and get myself WETS.................................the problem is that I dont think Marulan has any tire changing facility like EC.

    Popeye, have you checked out a slew of new dates for EC? Theyve for a new weekday for this year as well as the weekend dates for 2012. I might do them, but have to check for any family weddings, I know that the Jan weekend dates cant be done coz of my cuz's wedding but how do you feel about the Feb dates?
  10. have fun with that!

    im currently considering doing the fun day (first track day for me) at broadford... on very little sleep. going to a gig the night before i cant really cancel... so... 5 hours sleep-ish... doable?
  11. yeah feb would be good, i'll look at booking next month as i have spent a bit too much on bikes lately...

    i've done all my track days with under 5 hours sleep cause i am always so excited the night before i can't sleep, even so i wouldn't do it after a gig, gig's for me used to mean loud music & heaps of piss = feeling farrked the following day:beer:
  12. easily doable but not advisable..............although im normally a night owl and at one stage made do with 3-4h sleep a night.........I used to have 2-3 jobs and full time uni a long time ago......also used to love going to trance :)
  13. Thanks fellas! Was gonna stay sober if I do do the track day :p
  14. There's no tyre changing shop at MDTC Mal. Are u running full slicks?? I reckon your better off with true road tyres at that place. If u run warmers I think you'll find that you can't keep the temp in the tyres (get colder every lap). I ran warmers last time, gives a bit of confidence but I don't think they did much. It's risky if your tyres slowly go cold since you'd be used to the opposite. I also run full road pressures at Marulen as opposed to EC. Some people say the opposite and say to run less. I find it makes the handling vague and dangerous.(try both ways, but I'd start at the higher end). I'm not sure what's correct but I treat MDTC like the road - road pressures with no expectation of grip increasing much.
  15. .

    Thanks for the advise UDLOSE, dont know about Azncruiser, but i'll be running on my usual road going Pirrelli Sport Demons on a cbr250rr.

    highly impressed, had these for 6000km including 3x track days & still 25% tread remaining, not the best tyre in the rain & they do tend to overheat after 4-5 laps at EC, but none the less a great all round tyre

    took the cbr out on the road after 4x months on the 600, wow forget how much fun 250s are!
  16. Thanks Udlose, ill be running my BT003RS. Great advice mate I guess the size and layout of the track is suck that high speed and high tyre temp isnt really achieved as compared with EC...............................

    Popeye, gotta keep that CBR dude, its gonna be your track bike whether you want it to or not lol :p.............Marulan = cheaper = shorter = better for smaller bikes :p.
  17. Yeh a cbr250rr would be great on that track. I'm looking forward to borrowing my gf's one for a session.

    Yeh the thing about Marulen is you don't spend much time up in the revs or banked over at speed. You might actually have a better chance of heating your tyres on the 250s. I've taken my daytona 675 and cbr600rr there both with lower gearing and you never get out of 2nd gear and the bike is really out of it's power range. It's constant on/off the throttle and brakes (never had arm pump before this place).

    I'm still looking forward to going again. I've got more gearing up my sleeve and a quick turn throttle for next time.
  18. I've been riding the cbr250rr to work over & around the eastern suburbs this week

    in the 50-60kmh urban environment with heaps of tight right angles turns & round abouts the 250 makes the 600 feel like a pig......scary how fast you can hit the turns & how late you can brake, feels like you have way more grip as well

    not sure if its because the softer racier compound on the 600 never gets up to heat until you go to atleast somewhere like old pac or the track
  19. I was comparing some of my go pro footage from old pac. A reasonable run throughout the last leg on the 675 against footage from the one and only time I rode my gf's old 250 on it. There was nothing in it.

  20. especially going southbound up hill, i am not a fast rider, but $1.40 + just rolling on 3rd gear is fairly easily done, where as the 250rr is struggling @ $1.00 well into 2nd & 3rd

    the 600 accelerating out of corners easily leaves the 250 behind