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Gonads Aboard

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Justus, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Thought I'd better do my intro before someone says I'm a rude redneck prick. :LOL:

    Been riding for a very long time now (2yrs, if that) :grin: & hopefully in the next few months will be getting
    my third bike which'll be my first litre bike. Started learning on a 600cc, then went to a ZX7 before getting
    my full license & then upgraded again to a 900cc about 3mths later.

    Have 4 kids under 6; with a fifth rugrat due in few weeks (March) and I'd say its a fair bet that'll be it.
    I cant afford to have anymore. :p

    Registered 2.5mths ago & have already hooked up with a number of Netriders; whether it be at home
    or on the roads. Once I get the next bike I'll start making an effort to start going on some of the rides
    here. I'm already a club member; & have a group outside of that who I ride with so that takes up most of
    my riding, partying & drug-taking time.

    I hate driving. I saw my car last w/end which has been at one of my properties for close to a year now;
    covered in cobwebs :LOL: (2) notes under the wipers asking me to ring em as they are interested in buying :eek:

    Couple of weeks ago I drove to a Netriders home using my wifes car & that was the first time in a long
    time I've ever driven. When I dont have a bike I either walk or my wife drives me if its not walking distance.

    Anyways I've said enough for an intro so dont get on me f*cken back if you know whats good for ya. :p



  2. Well why didn'tya say that in the first place??? :p :LOL:

    {just kidding, of course:)}.
  3. :LOL: :LOL:

    Least my first post wasent starting a thread. :roll: :p
  4. Nice shots.
    Welcome :cool:
  5. Welcome MG :p
  6. But you say elsewhere you ride a 2006 GSXR1000 that you've had for approx. 6 mths. Are you lying here, or elsewhere?
  7. Does this mean you are going to hang around? Dog help us! :shock: :shock: :p :p

  8. hmmm, something doesn't add up.
  9. Until you know me or know what we do, it will never add up.
  10. welcome mg......at last....... :LOL:
  11. great another tossbag joins the forum :roll:

  12. Bit like the truth really ... you can never be believed.
  13. :grin: Kez

    A late model ZX10 or another Gixxer. Fingers crossed. \:D/
  14. Welcome MG. Is that you in both/either shots? I'm still too gutless to purposely take a wheel off the ground. I have enough trouble keeping rubber side down with 2 wheels! :LOL: