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Goldwing too small for you?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Okay more of a new release than a product review but an Aussie frim has started production of a trike powered by a LS1 or LS2 V-8 engine called the Predator. At 800kg it's probably a good thing that it's not a 2-wheeler.

  2. woo-hoo, would they be interested in showing off their product as part of the Motorcycle Wedding??? Can't hurt to ask, eh?
  3. I would be very interested to know how that thing corners under power........NOT well, I suspect.
  4. The pics on the photos page show it being punted around Oran Park, so someone was brave. What speed they were doing is another matter.

    One thing is for sure, you wouldn't be splitting lanes on it :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Yeah..and with that power to weight ratio, and totally unmissable, "Oh my Dog look at that", attention grabbing looks, I think I would just surrender my licence and save them the trouble.
  6. May as well be driving a car I reckon.
  7. so.... its a car with 1 front wheel.... that aint a bike

  8. I disagree, its worse than that. It has none of the advantages of a bike, and almost none of the advantages of a car. It's just plain useless. wouldn't mind a quick blast though, just the once.
  9. I take it none of you watched 'beyond Tomorrow' last night ?

    did a whole segment on this machine, and from what I saw it handled extremly well and as for grunt ? ! WOW :) .... I'd buy one tmw if I could :)

    Ps: it does meet or exeed every std that was thrown at em in the design/build stages
  10. Hmmm.........how do you countersteer a trike.....???????
  11. They sound crazy....

    Has anybody seen the 'Bosshoss" bikes around?
  12. it's fuggen ugly !
  13. Yeah, I saw it on the teev last night.

    Good luck to the guys who're making it, but it's big and ugly. Why would anyone want one?

    (Though 300kW would probably get your attention.)
  14. Incitatus in Perth says he's RIDDEN one; wasn't impressed!!!

  15. Yes I did. At a "Big on Bikes Expo" in Perth. It was just bloody awful. Bikes like that are not about riding at all, they are about being seen to be riding one. The best I could say about it is was that it was very smooth....heavy, ugly, ill handling, uncomfortable, impractical....but smooth. It had a two speed gearbox, one for each brain cell required to buy one at $30,000.
  16. Can't understand how it made it into the concept of "Beyond Tomorrow".

    Its just a big engine in a big bike.....big deal :roll:
  17. I had seen them on there web site and was wondering what they would be like. They look huge. Wouldnt wanna pick it up if it fell over.
  18. That's why the old beyond 2000 died in the arse. In the end they were just doing plugs for gadjets. No real inovations. I havn't watched an entire episode of the new one, but from what I've seen it's not far off that.

    BTW the trike thing is ugly and useless IMO.
  19. Since it has 3 wheels, if it falls over then picking it up would be the least of your worries :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Sorry, I just twigged it's the Boss Hogg stuff you were referring to :oops: :oops: