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Gold-Plated (not Easter, or Souths), bunnies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Controversy is raging about who's going to pay for the eradication of rabbits from Macquarie Island, news reports state.

    A Macquarie Island researcher is concerned that delays in funding a rabbit eradication program are leading to more environmental damage. University of Tasmania researcher Jenny Scott says landslides are becoming more common on the island due to erosion caused by more than 100,000 feral rabbits.

    Now, get this for stupidity. At a time when governments are trying to provide hospitals, schools, police and some sort of assistance in mental health, this worthy project is going to cost $24 million dollars :shock:. That's $240 PER RABBIT. Hell, I'll go down there with a .22 and do it if they'll pay me 24 mill!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i dont mean to undercut you paul, but i'll do it just for the cost of ammo :LOL:
  3. roast em up, stuff em with rice and feed the starving millions!!!
  4. And i'll join you if i can use the .357 revolver i've been practising with.

    "well rabit have i used 5 shots or 6, go ahead make my easter, bunny"
  5. oh, oh, oh, another shooter!

    well, i'll bring the 250 for greater impact, and maybe even the .17 for the challenge.....then we can swap and make a good day of it :LOL:

    pffft, pauls .22 :roll: :p :p