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Gold Licence?? (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pete the freak, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. So I finally went and got my licence changed over form my P's to my full licence. When they were doing the transfer the guy asked if I wanted to pay for 5 years as it is cheaper, I said OK and forked over the $135. Two minutes later the guy hands over a brand spanking new Gold Licence.
    Now I'm the last person you'd want to give a gold licence to. I've had my licence suspended for longer than I've had it active.

    So my question is, does a gold licence mean anything anymore other than I'm smart enough to get a discount for paying for 5 years (like my RSL membership)?

  2. Gold license has nothing to do with how long you renewed it for.

    Gold strip at the top just means you've had your license for more than 2 years and now have no restrictions.

    My "gold license" is only for a year (as that's how long I renewed it for).

    I called them up to check this when I got given my license a month or so ago.
  3. Aw, ours are just green with a blue strip along the top :(
  4. Congrats on your gold licence. \:D/
  5. whoa there boy - a gold license is (used to be?) only issued to those who

    a) want one
    b) held an unrestricted driver licence for the last five years with no cancellations, disqualifications or lapses of more than six months between renewals. (from RTA.gov.au)

    Have they changed the rules and there is no longer a silver class?

    Silver used to be 3 years only and you couldn't get a 5 year if you didn't fullfil the above.

    Gold was the 5 year one. What's the deal?
  6. I thought gold license was only available with the 5 year option?

    Sure you didnt just renew some bike one?

    RTA is like a mystery bag, they have no idea what their own rules are anyway so theres no point trying to understand. All they seem to be interested in these days is selling stupid color numberplates for profit :roll:
    Probably phasing out gold license based on driving record, soon to be replaced by your own choice of color or picture background, for a $50 fee of course.
  7. There is still a silver one. My last one was that.

    My Gold license expires in a little under a year from now, as I got it renewed 2 months ago. I was seriously puzzled myself and ended up calling up the RTA, as I couldn't find zip on the website.

    And as the lady said, all it means you've got no restrictions and had a license for 2 years.
  8. that's true for a silver - not a gold. To get a gold you must have held a license for minimum 5 years.

    I know what you mean about the website though, and people at the call centre AND registries having their heads up their collective @#$@'s.

    Besides Kaer, at your advanced age, I can see why they'd only offer you a license a year at a time :p
  9. Just to throw a spanner in the works, I've just come off my P's, have a sh1t driving record (2yr suspension for glug, glug, vroom, vroom), and I managed to get a gold licence. I suspect they've changed the rules ALOT.

    It'd be nice if the RTA website had some info on it eh??
  10. Aint that the truth. Have to call the stupid national number on licence to make an appointment for anything, depending what your calling for pay the damn fee 1st with credit card then finally get put through to the office or branch that your going to. In my case Corowa branch & then to be told 'Oh you no longer need to make appointments for this office, just come in'

    Jeez this is how it stands here @ this point in time . Prob be a different story in 6 months time.
  11. Bzzt, wrong. I've only had my license for a little over 3 years now. Almost 4.

    I'm really 28, and only got my bike license at 25. Never having a car license before then. Only got the car one about a year and a bit ago.

    And yep, my license has the gold strip at the top. The RTA also said for all pratical purposes the colour strip means absolutely nothing.
  12. that's true - the only thing it ever did for anyone was a slight discount and not having to go back to get it renewed for another couple of years in exchange for good behaviour. The gold one also meant that you were a driver who kept out of trouble - used to be good with the coppers in the olden days. If they have changed the rules now, it means nothing in a proper sense.

    I notice on the mature aged riders page of the RTA site, they replaced "over 30 and eligible for a gold license" with "over 30 and held an unrestricted driver licence for the last five years with no cancellations, disqualifications or lapses of more than six months between renewals".

    going on 101? You're just trying to hide your age now aren't you old man :D
  13. i know its a joke my cousin got off hiss green p's and they gave him a gold licence. go figure i think they have just changed the system or something.
  14. I would double check with the RTA ,just because the strip at the top is YELLOW ,actualy means that the licence is GOLD.
  15. Good spot.
    Im positive that used to say eligible for gold.

    So looks like they are discontinuing the gold system, just keeping it quiet.
    So, what nasty system are they replacing it with? There has to be something in the works.
    Something is rotten in the state of NSW. Lots of things actually :)

    My money is on "personalised" design BS. They will call it "My license" or some crap with "My" in it.
  16. I LOVE the RTA :grin: Seriously!

    They done good, good things for me riding a bike. :grin: