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Gold Jaguar - be on the lookout.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Just a heads-up...

    On the way home from last night's mystery ride, I met 2 other riders on the Ring Road. We exited at the Western highway turnoff and were chatting while waiting for the green light.

    An old gold or tan Jaguar pulled up behind and started revving his motor. When the lights changed, we turned left, with a lane each - me in the middle.

    The clown in the Jag decided he needed to get past, so he moved into the gravel on the left and tried to pass the leftmost rider. The gravel is interrupted by some armco and a driveway, so he swings the wheel right and tries to lanesplit between the bikes. Still no good, so he swings back left and sits an inch off the riders rear wheel.

    As soon as he saw what was happening, the rider to my left opened the taps and took off to get some space. The Jag chased him through Deer Park, swerving erratically. The rider braked late into a side street and the Jag couldn't follow.

    I sat behind the Jag - I wanted him where I could see him - and he continued to weave and spin his wheels to the Caroline Springs turnoff, where we parted company.

    I don't know what this clown's problem was but keep an eye peeled for him. Gold/Tan jag, bearded driver, with a serious attitude problem.