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Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattiasL, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Which place is best to live in?

    As I am from Europe I miss culture a bit and as I am studying Nursing and work in health care I have noticed that the health care system and medical equipment etc are far behind here in QLD and Gold Coast.

    I do not know if it is like that in general but I assume that a larger city like Melbourne or Sydney should be more up to date with what is going on in the rest of the world and have some more culture?

    /Mattias a whinging Swede:angel:
  2. Melbourne for the culture and restaurants.

    Sydney for the beaches and warmer winters.
  3. Gold Coast - is like Dandenong with a beach.

    Sydney - expensive, takes ages to get anywhere. The number of shooting has increases so for you Medicos that could be a good thing.

    Melbourne. - more sporting events and licensed premises per capita than any other Australian city.
    (but I could be biased - see of you can guess what gives that away)
  4. Depends what you mean by culture?

    Melbourne's the sporting capital of the world and has a healthy dose of the "trendy", flat white drinking, scarf wearing demographic. On the flip side we've also got the TAC...

    Sydney's got the harbour, it's just a shame about the people ;)
  5. What about Perth? They have a fairly large and well equipped teaching hospital, and thanks to the mining industry I'd say it's actually has a lot more culture than Melbourne or Sydney.

  6. I have considered Perth, but there is like Perth and then it is nothing:)
    It is so far away from everything else....

    I want to stay on south coast of Austraila.
  7. :LOL: That's the exact reason why I'm living in Brisbane, even though I consider Perth a much better city.

    You could always consider Adelaide. Since I'm technically no longer a Victorian I can now say it's actually not a bad place - and certainly better than Sydney (but then Kabul would be better than living in Sydney).
  8. Melbourne would be the most "European" of the the cities and it has a thriving market culture if you are into fresh food, etc. Also lots to offer in terms of theatre, live music perfomances, art galleries, etc.

    It also has some heavyweight medical research institutes like the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.
  9. Firstly, NEVER go to the Goldie -. It is the complete armpit of Australia (Port Augusta being the arsehole).. The hinterlands surrounding it are beautiful though.

    Sydney's ok and excellent for teaching hospitals, i.e. Westmead, Prince of Wales, Blacktown - but the people and traffic make me want to leave yesterday. I'm hoping to get up to Newcastle to escape asap to get closer to the bush.

    Being from Europe, you'd probably handle Melbourne's crap weather and like the bohemian lifestyle of Carlton, Fitzroy etc plus there are also good teaching hospitals there like Monash Med Centre and St Vincents.
  10. the only good thing in Melboring is the roads that lead to Sydney, least they got something right
  11. You should go on that Grumpy Old Men show
  12. Thanks for all your input guys, how about Adelaide?
  13. do u like churches?
  14. More churches than pubs
  15. But at least they have decent beer (ie Coopers), and of course lets not forget the Barossa Valley vineyards.
  16. And BLABBUS
  17. This is a question I've should have asked but forgot, is it safer to ride a motorbike in Sydney/Melbourne compared to Gold Coast? Because I think they drive like crazy people here on the Gold Coast](*,)
  18. if you speed in melbourne, the cops shoot you :D
  19. From what you hear here Gold Coast is probably safer, though there are police camped on some of the roads in the nearby mountains most weekends.
  20. I think traffic in Qld is safer than both the other 2, but then I'm biased. I was born in Sydney, moved up here in the early 80s. You think Gold Coast traffic has crazy people in it? Try Sydney. Gold Coast is tame.