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Gold Coast / Surfers / Springbrook - Sat 28th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Stevo750cc, May 27, 2005.

  1. hey guys,

    myself and a friend are going for a ride tomorrow, thought it wouldnt be any harm to post it up to see if anyone else is interested.

    meeting at Helensvale McDonalds at 11am.

    Cruise over Hope Island to Soveriegn Islands - Annoy rich bastards

    Start south along Gold Coast highway, turn off to Spit for pics and drink.

    Head into Surfers along Espl, through to Broadbeach, onto GCH down to Burleigh Hill for stop and pics.

    Back onto GCH south to Currumbin, then along beach road through to Kirra and Coolangatta, then stop at Point Lookout for Pics.

    On way back, can head Nth along GCH and take back highway up to Mudgeeraba and the turnoff to Springbrook

    i will check this topic regularly before tomorrow at 10am to see if there is any other feedback or takers...

    hope to meet a few of you out


    ps. ideally, if a more seasoned rider comes along, we're open to cruise alternatives and suggestions.
  2. I don't see it listed in the calendar.

    Did you forget? :)
  3. ignorant newbie who doesnt know the rules i guess

    my apologies?

    i thought only your "official" rides would go in your calender, this is more of a quickie.

    sorry if i've done the wrong thing.

    you guys did encourage me to get something going in SE QLD though didnt ya?!?!

    again, sorry.
  4. just read this

    looks like i'm in the clear

    i'm pleading the "spur-of-the-moment or only a day or two's notice" defence.


  5. How about when you are out for your ride you drop past the Vietnam Vets clubhouse and have a look at the BUACA auction...............
  6. That's fine :)

    But, it's in your interest to put it in the calendar. Many, many people just look at the calendar to go on rides, etc. and can't be bothered to wade through the forums looking for something that might interest. A once-off and quick look at the calendar is what they do, so you may miss some people that would have been interested if it's not in the calendar. 8)
  7. I don't know what's on for me tomorrow stevo, but I'll see if I can slip it past the war office... i'll let you know by tonight.
  8. ok stevo i'm in see you at maccas.
  9. cool dan, see you there.
  10. Don't forget that auction blokes. 132 Meakin Road Kingston - take the Loganlea Rd exit, turn right into Queens Rd and then left into Meakin. We're about 100 metres down at the end. All welcome. Some good stuff for sale.

    See ya there. Ask for CJ.
  11. yeah, i'm keen to drop in there on my way home.

    thanks again
  12. Top 1st ride for me. Only had the sled for a week, but reckon I'm ready for something with some more grunt.

    Good to meet ya Dan. See ya out there again.

  13. good ride stevo/barra, and I reckon that's the best sounding 250 on gods green earth... ;)