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[Gold Coast] Saturday Morning Ride

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Sheepy, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. One of the guys on BRC has started a regular Saturday morning ride. It kicks of at Mudgeeraba Caltex at 8am. It's the Caltex next to the police station and it usually involves a few twisty roads and coffee. I can meet Brisbane-ites at Yatala BP if you're up for an early ride. :)

  2. North coast for me this week otherwise I'd be keen as!
  3. When do they usually finish up?
  4. i can't this saturday as i'm in cairns, maybe next saturday?
  5. Damn... Got things on already this Sat, it's ok maybe next time
  6. bike still in pieces :'(
  7. That sounds great.
    Won't be around this weekend but I'll post here if its necessary to arrange a meet up beforehand.
  8. love the roads down that way but seems farrr too early to be up to get there on time - maybe another time
  9. Sorry dear, I just got out of horse piddle, and the bike's not too flash either. First night home.
  10. Hmm, might be interested. Is this a fairly relaxed ride or a more serious blat through the twisties? (I'm on a 250 so there's a definite limit on how fast I can go).
  11. It's pretty relaxed. :) Im picking up another rider at Yatala BP at 730 if any other brissy folk want to come for a spin. My number is 0434 923 749.
  12. Allright, sounds good. Will try and make sure I get up early. :)
  13. This seems like fun. Too bad I'm currently 900 km away, but that should be rectified in the near future.
  14. It was great meeting you, JD. :) We ended up doing a loop through the hinterland; Springbrook, Advancetown, Beechmont and Tamborine. The weather was awesome and except for Tamborine, it was a pretty traffic free cruisy ride.




  15. Likewise :).

    Hopefully you didn't get too bored being stuck behind a 250 all day. I certainly enjoyed the ride - and the early start was definitely worth it to avoid traffic and the afternoon heat.

    Glad you mentioned where we went - cause I had absolutely no idea. :LOL: At least now I can see how it all fits together on a map.
  16. Glad you had fun, troops. Wish I'd been there.
  17. how that knee going dragon?
  18. Saturday morning ride is on again. 8am start at Yatala BP.
  19. Yatala at 8? Anyone in brissy want to join me for the ride down? And around what time do we get home?
  20. What is the route?....Next time, commited to sunny coast tomorrow.