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Gold Coast run 20/11/10

Discussion in 'QLD' started by XLAR8, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. so as stated in the EOI thread ill be staying at the gc and i think thats good grounds for a run :cool:

    ill get back to everyone today with meeting times ( i need to check what time check in is at the hotel)

  2. ok so check-in is at 2pm, so it means ill have to cart my gear on the ride or find some where to stash it for a while.

    so does anyone have an ideas on where to go? pesky suggested Mt Tamborine.
  3. Tambo only takes an hour to clear. My favourite GC run is Springbrook/Beechmont/Tamborine.. a few hours at a moderate pace if your looking to kill a bit of time.
  4. Tentative +3.
    Will know closer to the day... weather dependant of course :p
  5. I'm in for now, and whoa thats next weekend, ill try and get some mates to tag along
  6. Any idea on a meeting point and time yet?
  7. actually, i just got busy saturday, im out, have fun guys
  8. well after a week with a sore back my body seems ok (still a bit tight in spots) but i think we are going to have some weather issues.

    but if the rain holds out what is a good meeting point? for time id say 8/8:30am start?
  9. I might be in for a ride tomorrow. I agree on the Springbrook/Beechmont/Tamborine route being a good one.

    A good meeting point is the Yatala BP.
  10. I'd be good for a ride.
    +1 Yatala.
  11. well as it turns out iam going to have to pull out.... :( i have some family issues i have to take care of so i wont be leaving for the coast till 1/1:30.

    this has upset me some what as the 2 rides i want to do before xmas are the GC and Mapleton.

    maybe i could hook up with a couple of you to do a Springbrook/Beechmont/Tamborine run in the near future.