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Gold Coast or Perth? (Holiday)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Me and the gf are taking a week off in Feb and are trying to decide where to go.

    First we though of heading to the Gold coast. There we could spend 2-3 days at the theme parks, explore Surfers and laze at the beach. We've both been to the Gold coast a few times.

    Then we thought of Perth. We've both never been there. Don't really know much about it. Some friends say its a great place to visit.

    Have you visited both? Which is a more enjoyable and rewarding travel experience? Should we consider another city?
  2. Perth rocks mate. Gold coast is too commercial these days. If ur taking the missus for a bit of fun and a bit of r and r perth is the place to go. Awesome beaches, great weather, Lovely cafe's and bars, rockin clubs, Smashing wineries down south around Margaret river.
    if u been to the goldie a few times f**k the goldie. Try Perth.
    cheers JB
  3. tassie!

    but yeah, go perth.
  4. Perth hands down. Only forseeable issue is encountering all those camel salesman
  5. I'm heading over to the gold coast in feb for a week. Gonna do the parks and the Motorcycle Expo.
  6. If you want laid-back fun, then yeah go Perth.

    The only thing about Perth is that you need to do a little bit of work to find the best things to see and do. At the bigger tourist centres (e.g. Gold Coast) you just need to step off the plane and you're surrounded by advertising etc. just screaming at you to try the attractions. In Perth though, the best stuff to do is tucked away, so do a little bit of research beforehand if you want to make the most of your time over here :)

    You can't go wrong with a campervan and the south-west, for example. Forests, beaches, wineries and pubs... v. good fun, and places like Margaret River are chock full of cool people to meet.
  7. Staying in Freo is pretty nice, too. I'd definitely say check out Perth if you haven't been - great city, great beaches, parks beside the river. Go sailing on the river, snorkel off the beaches. If you could do a day trip to Rottnest Island that'd be cool, if you could stay out there for a couple of days even cooler.
  8. Definitely Perth. Unlike the GC it's not trying to be interesting, it just is.
  9. I'd go perth - the wild west, the last frontier.

    However, you are far less likely to bump into Mr Kappa in perth.
  10. pff stuff both...

    id go to byron bay

    muuuuuuch better
  11. I've only been to GC a few times and Perth never, but go to Perth.... GC is commercialised sh!t these days, maybe it always was?? But I've only heard good things about Perth and want to get there myself.