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QLD Gold Coast New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Timmsy, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Howdy folks and thanks for allowing me in.
    My missus always wanted a motorcycle, So I bought her a Harley Street 500. Seen how much fun she was having so I decided to get my RE learners licence.
    1 Week later I bought a Triumph. :happy:
    So If you see a learner in the Gold Coast Region on a Triumph in the next few days, keep clear if you value your life lmao :LOL:


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  2. Now THAT'S an intro!!!

    Welcome to Netrider!
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  3. Welcome to NR! ValvolineValvoline is full of good advice and local to you mate.

    Agreed hornet. Fantastic into.
  4. Oh gold TimmsyTimmsy ! :D
    Also the fact you bought your gf a bike!!! That's a winner right there!!

    Welcome to the forum. If you guys wanna meet some other peeps locally check out the Events section under Qld and see what where how ... Why? Who cares! Just nice to ride! :)
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  5. Welcome to NR
  6. Welcome mate
  7. Queenslanders will take over the world !!!!

    or at least the local cafes :LOL:
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  8. You'll have to come too FractalzFractalz !
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
    Took a quick picture of "His & her's toys" :snaphappy:
    Once I get used to riding, I will definitely keep an eye on the Events section, I did notice a Nerang trip over the weekend.. Would of loved to went on that.

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  11. Cool photo :)
    It's funny seeing such diff types of bikes together but awesome you both ride !

    They'll be plenty more to come so keep your eye peeled!
  12. G'day TimmsyTimmsy, the wife and I got our L's last month at Kingscliff and we've been practicing around the hinterland around a Byron where we live, might catch up with you guys one day soon, take care and enjoy
  13. G'day TimmsyTimmsy and welcome. My wife and I just got our bikes and L's last month as well, we're now practicing in the hinterland around our home at Byron, just down the road from you. Might catch up for a ride once we get a bit more experience under our belts. Cheers
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  14. Yeah, bloomin' ValvolineValvoline wishing for more QLDrs, now the place is overrun with them! :p
    Welcome, Timmsy, may you both fall in love all over again. :)
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  15. Welcome. My partner does Kingscliff but thinks he was on Ps that Sunday.

    Some good roads around the Northern Rivers. Enjoy.
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