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Gold Coast mentors & QRide advice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TYSE LEE, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    Looking to book my QRide this week. Does anyone have any positive/negative feedback on any Gold Coast based instructors?

    From what I can see everyone's 3 day training + QRide package sits around $800?
  2. I have used Top Rider, the Rockhampton version, but the instructors are usually the same so probably applies to what happens at the Gold Coast. Instruction is pretty good and they give you a discount if you have to do extra sessions. They have a 2 day training and assessment package which was about $700 a year ago, and $250 for each extra session you need to do. If you fail the assessment, you only need to do the bits that you didn't pass the next time and you don't pay extra for the re-assessment.
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  3. Hi TYSE LEETYSE LEE and welcome to the forum! Qride (big red building) in Lawrence drive is pretty good :) I learnt through them about 4 yrs ago and they tried to help me out in my lack of height problems with their bikes. I don't know if that helps since you posted in Sept and not it's October. But if you have a bike already check out the Events page for Qld rides - theres a growing following for leaner based rides in the GC starting from Nerang.

    Give us a hoy if you'd like since I am local :)
  4. $800 , wtf ?
    Nsw is less than $200
  5. Yeah . It's awful... The mark ups are astronomical in Qld. To give you and idea - my new bike Tyres fitted were $580. In VIC I got them for $395!!!