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Gold Coast Hinterland Ride, Sunday 18th April

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Dan76, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. After a great turnout at the last GC Hinterland Ride, it was decided another will be done in April. So make sure you keep Sunday 18th April free for this one.

    This time we will be doing the reverse of the last ride, starting this time at the Caltex Servo in Nerang.

    Meet time 8.00am for 8.30am departure.

    The ride caters for anyones pace as TEC will bring up the rear.

    There are stacks of corners on this route so best for confident riders.

    We will have lunch at Tumbulgum Pub, an early one, probably 11.00am roughly.

    The route can be viewed HERE

    If you would like to join in please send me a PM with your name, phone number, bike type, emergency contact name and number (+ their relationship to you).
    For those who have given me your details prior to the last ride just let me know if you are coming ;)

    Again looking forward to an enjoyable ride, great company and excellent weather!


    tilkyr1 & Nigel


    Mr & Mrs Hardhat
  2. Wooot!!!
    Let's hopes it a dry ride.

    Oh and
  3. I will be a maybe at this stage... Hopefully can get the day off work... I will give em plenty of notice...
  4. Maybe shmaybe!! Pull a sickie!! :LOL:
  5. Hahaa I'll try, if I can make it I will bring digital cam-Corder and pull ahead of the group a few times and try to get heaps of footage, I really liked the 1 MrScotto took and I wanna get more lol...

    I might even do my own recy run b4 then to find some good twistie spots for me to pull over and get every1...
  6. Sign me up Dan. Just have to pray now for some dry and cooler weather.
    Let me know of any recon runs and I will probably be up for them too.
  7. Dan please put the Mrs hardhat & I down as maybes.
  8. List updated.

    Scott, will do a Reccy run, just not sure when yet. Will post in here when I decide.

    Shane there are a few great spots that spring to mind for such footage, especially going down the south side of Tomewin.
  9. like right HERE

    Also, I will most likely be bringing a friend along also on a cbf250 so put me down for a +1
  10. This threads been up 9 hours and we already have 8 coming!!

    Holy cr@p! What have I got myself into??!! :LOL:
  11. Totally in

    And I'll probably cut off the last leg of the run again to head home as per last time.

  12. That would be me.
    Count me in.
  13. Nate could you please PM me your details as per my first post.

    Cheers mate.

  14. Count me in, same details as before.

    Despite being the same route it is quite different in reverse. Lets hope the weather is better!

  15. You're right it is quite different. Will feel like a different run alltogether, I love heading down Tomewin with those views!
  16. Put me down as a maybe for this one as well... hopefully i can make it... for some reason they roster me on to work when its ride time!!!


    Shaneo just strap the cam to your helmet! Duck tape should suffice!
  17. Duct tape fixes everything lol..... Unfortunately cristie would kill me if she saw or heard of ne doin that lol...
  18. Guys and girls, if the weather is OK this Sunday I will do a Reccy Run.
    Will decide on Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

    Anyone that wants to tag along is welcome. I will probably take my Derbi GP1 for a burn so won't be a frantic pace :LOL: