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Gold Coast hinterland gets bad press this weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wheeler84, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Not sure why, but lots of stacks this weekend for bikers in Gold Coast hinterland... including one head on bike to bike... how does that happen?


    I'm kinda glad my hangover got the best of me yesterday... hopefully this doesn't mean an impending police blitz...
  2. Easy really, someone was on the wrong half of the road. :wink:

    Bet your life on it. :roll:
  3. pretty keen goin on the wrong side of the road around a blind turn... bugger that...
  4. Lessons to be learned.

    Avoid riding the months between August - October.

    Lots o loonies about, heaps on non-riders, ruthless police blitz's.

    Best to ease back into these months, do a re-fresher course or two and hit the hills when natural selection season has concluded!
  5. Looks like it wasn't just people throwing bikes off the road.
  6. I'm sorry to say but when do we get good press? and as far as police blitzes are concerned tehy just finished one here on teh coast.
  7. One of the riders must have been taking a corner too fast and started drifting into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

    Heres how it happens http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a8c_1181700550 this is a video link of a motorcycle on motorcycle head on.
  8. Mrs Tree and I were out there yesterday. It was crazy, the number of bikes that were out!

    There were many that came flying around blind corners towards us. Any of them could have taken us out. We were riding at the speed limit, just enjoying being out. I enjoy turning the wick up a little occasionally, but some of these guys were going waaaaay too quick for a public road.

    Interesting that all three accidents occurred early on in the day...
  9. I suspect many riders get the their bikes out of the shed for the first time in a while, and head off for a ride, trying to pick up on where they left off last season.
    Unfortunately....reflexes/brain/reactions are'nt up to the task (simply out of practice)...so it becomes alot more dangerous for everyone out there. Especially where cornering skills are involved....
    Just my impressions.
  10. argh - double post
  11. Congrats cookeetree, I couldn't even get up to the speed limit or if I did I would have gone of the edge, for some reasons cruisers don't like corners :)

    Headed up there yesterday and beachmont road was closed on the way up with 1 bike and 2 car accidents, but after a drink at canungra we headed back beachmont way and it was all clear. First time up there so it was thoughly enjoyed.
  12. First time through Beechmont for us, too. Hopefully, I'll be on the group ride through there next Sunday. At least now I've got an idea of what to expect.
  13. Notice how the car going over is slipped in there without much comment?
  14. mate its political and media policy when you vilifying a minority and the majority blunders through and does the same thing you always turn a blind eye or a deaf ear...
  15. Indeed I did... note my coment earlier
  16. LOL, I typed out my comment then wandered off for ages before posting it.
  17. I didn't realise we'd have a "bike season" especially for the Gold Coast, given the fairly mild weather even in the dregs of winter...

    I've only been out that way (back of Nerang) twice now, but its already my favourite place to ride by a long long way... relatively low cager traffic, tonnes of well graded corners and plenty of roads to explore... I can see the appeal
  18. :roll: They will probably claim that they came off while avoiding a bike!
  19. And, judging by the squid posts, they probably did... :roll:
  20. Yeah, my riding season is from January 1st to December 31st.