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Gold coast council initiative to help keep bikers safe

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tanyathecheeky, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/t_standard2.aspx?pid=6822

    I did this today, $45 gets you a full days tuition, lunch, a shirt, and drinks and chocolates everytime we stopped. Brilliantly run, there were about 6 people per instructor, and he took turns in watching us individually.

    Awesome to see a council out there trying to educate the riders and make them safer, instead of trying to get them off the roads.

    Everyone learnt something, no matter how long they've been riding. They have an advanced course (the one I did) and an easier one, the only difference is they take different roads.

    So congratulations to the gold coast city council for a job well done, and for getting out there and doing something for us.
    Mick Doohan is not at the course btw :(

    And they shot footage of us today to make a commercial to advertise it.. so qld'ers expect to see my black zed on a screen near you :grin:

    Mods - please don't delete if for some reason i've broken a law somewhere. please PM.
  2. Hey Tanya,

    That's great. I read about this course in the paper a few months ago and wondered what it was like. I thought it might make a good alternative to a group ride as they said that they welcome groups and clubs.

    I just didn't know if it was worth it because the way the paper reported it there was a fair bit of theory and not a lot of riding. But if it has your recommendation then it must be good :grin:
  3. I wonder where they got that from.. we went up springbrook, advancetown, beechmont, up and down mt tamborine and then to clagibara.. about 180km on my favorite roads :grin:

    Thanks mods for moving :)
  4. It's not one of those naked ads like the one makka did for motorcycle awareness is it Tanya ? [ insert look of anticipation ].

    Steve :)
  5. I too saw this and thought it a fantastic idea.....and I made an enquiry, however they told me that because they run the 2 different courses (intermediate and advanced), that you have to have 12 months bike experience before you can do the intermediate :(
  6. Frosty only my bike is naked :grin:

    Tubby, I'd say it's because of the the roads they take people on, you have to have at least 3yrs before they let you do the advanced, Tambo and places like springbrook can catch a newbie out easily enough., with varying road surfaces, so I'm assuming that with even the intermediate course the roads will vary a fair bit.
  7. Brilliant idea, I wonder if we could get Hornsby and Gosford councils to do something like this?
  8. Note that the article quoted says that:

    This concept was developed by the Yarra Valley Ranges, right here in Melbourne and is being considered by VMAC for review and possible wider introduction elsewhere.

    I happen to know that there is a lot of work being done by several "individuals you will never hear about" to convince the Vic Govt to get right behind this concept.....
  9. can people not from the g/c do this. i am keen on anything that is going to make me a better rider
  10. anyone can do it
  11. Is there an Information site for the Yarra Ranges version of this?