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Gold Coast bike hire question.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Anyone here from gold coast or anyone thats hired a bike from there before..

    whats the go via price wise, bond wise, helmets, jackets and so on

    looking at renting 1 next weekend.

    any info would be good

  2. Check out these people:


    I've rented from them before (actually, for a mate), and it was brilliant. Drop off and pick up, new Z750, gear included, well priced :)
  3. i was there over new years and called up one between main beach and surfers, and he said $120 a day for a scooter... he also had smart cars with banners in the window advertised for $30 a day. i didnt enquire further about gear or bond.
  4. cheers blokes, im more after a harley, see what all the fuss is about with harleys :)
  5. Kourva, you going to the expo on the Gold Coast? 19th-21st.

    If you are, come say Yiasoo

  6. its kurva :)

    nah leaving this friday, coming back monday, wish i could of stayed till the expo weekend though

    enjoy it muni :) wish i was there, would of sat with ya for a few hours so we could compare the size of our penis's (iPhone) lol
  7. Ahhh, you have that app as well? :p
  8. I hired a softail from one of them in Cavill Ave and from memory I only got a helmet. This was about 4 years ago and I was less ATGATT then so it didn't worry me at the time.

    I was more concerned that there was no insurance on the bike as they wouldn't sell me any. If I crashed at fault I would have been up for the full damages. That meant that I didn't need the gear as I wasnt going to crash with that liabilty 8-[.
  9. been and gone, harleys cost to much so hired a kawasaki vulcan custom with chopper pipes, awsome sound, got it from moped city, top bloke, looked after us..
  10. im going to the expo vic

    if im not feeling too shy, and you're not looking too threatening, i'll come say hello

    i saw you at last years, and you look too much like a bikie from a gang - i ran off like a girl, plus it was a bit of e-celebrity fright :)
  11. Nice one Nick ;)

    Me scary?

    ppfftt, only when I'm angry ;)

  12. board name = agro nick
    "i saw you at last years, and you look too much like a bikie from a gang - i ran off like a girl"