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Gold Chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by boro_baba, May 12, 2008.

  1. While washing my bike yesterday I noticed its got a gold chain but due to all the greasing and lubeing it looks black!

    I was told by a freind of mine that if i use WD-40 for the next 3-4 times instead of chain lube and whipe off the excess with a clean towel it will clean it and make the color more visible.

    He also said that because the WD-40 isn't made for bike chains I should re-apply it every time i refuel.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. WD40 is not a lube.

    Clean the chain with kero and apply chain lube. The frequency depends on a lot of things and to much is almost as bad as not enough as it collects crap.
  3. I ride to work and back everyday (50kms) no matter what the weather is. at least 1 day i cop a bit of rain. I fill the tank every three days. I use the stock standard chain lube from peter stevens ( forget the brand )

    How often should i lube it?
  4. I'd be doing it every fortnight with a good kero clean about every 3 months or sooner if there is a build up of junk.
    Best to do the lube after a ride and a clean, cold.
  5. Keep WD40 the hell away from the chain unless you want to ruin it.

    Buy some kero (low odour!), get a toothbruth and clean the crap out of it until its gold again. Then wash the kero off, dry, lube.
  6. Okay... well it looks like a certain freind of mine will be copin a foot in his AR*E!

    I guess ill just stick to kero(low order) a tooth brush and some elbow grease.

    Thanx guys :)
  7. I haven't been washing off the kero so far :oops:
  8. Stop being cheap. Buy either Moterex or Motul O ring chain cleaner. No need to dry off. Just apply, watch the crap fall off the chain and then lube.