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Going to see some 'Big Shit!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cougs, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. So for the last 3 years the Minister for War & Finance and I have done a trip between Xmas and New Year. 2 years back we did the GOR 2 up overnight, last year was Gippsland, GAR & Eildon Mansfield both on bikes and now we're ready to head off again!

    This year we're going Melb>Mildura>Adelaide>MtGambier>GOR over 4 days..... But with a twist...

    We've long said that when we retire (some time away yet) we'll travel Australia and visit all of the crappy big things (ie Big Shit) - such as Big Banana, Big Merino etc etc. Why you may ask - well, because they're crappy and there would be the answer!

    So we've decided to get a head start on things and visit some this week - in all we're hoping to visit 10 things in 3 states on our 'big shit tour' - stay tuned for heaps of photos of 2 bikes in front of really crappy tourist attractions!!

    Surely this will either get me banned for life, or the unending admiration of Blabbs - either way, we're doing it anyway!!

    I was going to attach a 'bikes packed ready to go shot' but Tapatalk won't let me so will try later but you can imagine...
  2. sounds like your just running out of excuses to go for a ride :p
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  3. There is the big Potato near here in Robertson, but truth be told, it looks more like the giant crap
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  4. Go and visit my wife' s mother in law - that'll stuff everything!

    Get out there and ride.....
  5. subcribed
  6. There's a big crayfish at Robe (SA) might be worth a detour.
  7. hmm two people on bikes wanna see big shit, reckon between the two of you, you combine a brown 'twirlie' , get macro lens on and voila!!
    but for the riding side, enjoy, be safe, and watch for tourists on the GOR especially!!
  8. Go and visit my wife' s mother in law

    Wouldn't that be your mother?
  9. Close - it's at Kingston SE actually , but Robe isn't very far away .
  10. Oh duh! Of course it is.
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  11. A giant Trout at oberon today to get you started :)

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  12. There's a bigger bream than your trout at Kalimna, just outside Lakes Entrance.
  13. Props to wadwe for the best (some might say only) photo of the thread!

    2 x Big Shit seen today - photos to come 1st thing tomorrow...

    650km today = good ride
  14. Didn't want to hijack your thread but since you've brought it up , here ya go :

    Kingston S.E , SA
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  15. Ready to leave
  16. Top of the class to you. My wife's mother in law and I tolerate each other, hence posting in this thread! Should we start a MIL thread?!! ;)
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  17. OK - so Tapatalk and I aren't seeing eye to eye at the minute, so this will have to be a "pics come later thread"...


    650km today in hot weather and Tanya never missed a beat; both bikes running well. Missed the kids (but they will be fine I'm sure...); saw some big shit and now beer time.

    Small day tomorrow, only 450 or so kms...

  18. Day 2

    Ok - so today was a short day....only 550km but heaps of big shit seen

    Unfortunately 1/3 of that was in 37C and 1/2 was into a head wind gusting to 80kmh but we made it. We did discover however that Tan's bike does not like 100kmh into a headwind; and her fuel consumption went from 240km to the tank down to 160km in the wind. The spa in the hotel room did help though...

    Adelaide Hills tomorrow then the big push along the coast to Port Fairy so the beer tomorrow night will be well & truly earned.
  19. Oh - for those interested (and because the bloody pics won't load)

    My bike - 07 HD Nightrod
    Tan's bike - 02 Honda Shadow 400 LAMS
  20. Eh ?? You're doing Adelaide Hills and then riding to Port Fairy tomorrow ?