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Going to RTA tomorrow to get my P Liscence!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by loth, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. First of all, thank you to MickyV9 and Joseph (who's not a NR) for their help. Very much appreciated, and sorry for getting you late to work Micky..

    Well my GPX250 broke down 1.5 days before the test. Gawd that was aweful man, just when I needed it the most. Then Micky generously proposed to lend me his VTR250 for the test (and even said he would pick me up at my place then go back to the city, which means waking up at like 5am for him!! Test was at 8am). Then Joseph lent me his ZX2R for the weekend, which is unroadworthy and no way I'd be able to do a U-turn on that.

    6:40 am. ZX2R wouldn't start, completely flat battery. I panicked man... Called my neighbour for help. Luckily he managed to jump start it for me. Raced to Granville, where I was like 20 mins late to exchange the bike with Micky. To my surprise he waited for me ^_^ then of course, the ZX2R wouldn't start at all. He had to take his VTR to work. The guys at the training centre let me hire a CB250, $150 >_< But kinda lucky... No way I'd be able to pass the Ps on the ZX2R.

    Had my fair share trying to start the ZX2R for the ride back home, managed to get it going, and home safe. Wew glad I got this out of the way!!
  2. Damn that sux man, you have had some pretty bad luck.

    However, you forgot to tell us the important bit, did you pass?
  3. Well duh, if I didn't pass I wouldn't be able to go to the RTA for my Ps aye?
    BTW 0 points accrued ^_^ Too bad my bike's not running... else I would be a happy guy.
  4. Well done mate.. Congrats..

    Big pat on the back for those who helped loth out.you guys rock!
  5. Well done Trevor!
    Now to get the GPX looked at.
  6. Congrats Trev!! :cool:
  7. nice one mate!!!
  8. Congratz man :grin:
  9. Start the count down begin.

    Congrats :grin:
  10. Great stuff man!
  11. Well done