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Going to Phillip Island MotoGP for the first time...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by out_of_order, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hi fellas

    Me and a mate will be heading to the MOTOGP for the first time and were wondering what is value for money in terms of General admissions vs a Grand stand ticket (if so which Grand stand is better?).

    Also are there bike that i can hire because i am bikeless atm and don't want to look like a dick coming in my car lol.

  2. If you are happy sitting in one spot then go the grandstand. I prefer to wander around alot and catch up with people all over the place (the people as well as their locations) so the cheaper general admission tix are fine. In the past viewing hasn't been an issue though this year they may throw up more stands for the larger crowds. In the end it's up to you.

    I wouldn't worry about coming in your car, we've had a vote and agreed not to point and laugh if we see you driving in.
  3. I'm sure no-one's going to care that you're coming in a car. However, if you want to hire a bike here are some links:


    If you hire a bike you should come on the cranbourne - PI run, its mentioned in another thread, i'll be there :)

    I can't really advise on grandstand having never been to motoGP, however me and a mate bought general entry tickets to the Grand Prix earlier this year, and it was a blast! We did manage to sneak into a grandstand or two though, but moved around a bit :cool:
  4. General entry has really good views. Don't think there are any grandstand tickets left ATM anyhow
  5. Its gonna be my first time too lookin forward to it.

    My bike will be ready by then so i'll see you all at cranbourne!
  6. For your first time go for general admission, then you can check out the stands for next time. i say this because everybody has a different point of view in regards to viewing areas.
    As for hiring a bike I wouldnt bother. Save your money for the overpriced goods at the track.
  7. I prefer general admission, as its probably one of the best tracks in Aus for GA:)
  8. well we bit the bullet and bought the Gardener stand tickets. Hope Casey can wrap up the championship by then hehehe.

    See you all there.
  9. here here!

    I hope Casey uses the Philip Island event to wrap up the championship... I imagine the crowd going nuts!