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Going to NZ and want to ride!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evader, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I may be in NZ for 3-12 months. I currently hold a Victorian Motorcycle License + Car License. I'm still on my restricted bike license for another few months.

    When I arrive in NZ, does anyone know what the law is in regards to what I can ride/drive?

    I assume with an International Drivers License, I can jump in a car. But can I ride a bike? Am I restricted to a 250cc/LAMS equiv, no passenger, no alcohol like I am currently?

    Can I get a proper NZ license if I wanted to instead of just using the international license?


  2. So take your Australian one and your fine.
  3. I have it on personal experience that at least one NZ cop doesn't know that the 'R' prefix on Victorian licences means that you can ride a motorcycle. A printout of the relevant Vicroads website page would have helped...
  4. Mine has "Bike 260CC & No Pillion Passenger. End Restriction (.....)" on the back...
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  6. Riding during the day won't be a problem but if your on your restrictions (NZ equivalent to a "Restricted" license) you won't be able to be on the road between 10pm and 6am. Apart from that you'll be fine. Enjoy the ever lasting twisties.
  7. and don't forget the NZ police have a very good system of pinging speeding drivers. Aside from Camera's, they actively patrol on the lookout for speeding motorists. Some brilliant areas for driving, and there would have to be the same for riding. Auckland is great. You used to be able to buy 50cc scooters from the Warehouse for $1100!. Loved New Zealand(I was in auckland). Hope you will too.
  8. Really? Is that new? When was it issued?
  9. Thanks to all.

    I've been to Auckland before so I should be right to get around - but if it all works out and I end up over there, I'll definitely be posting looking for someone to tae me to some good roads.

    My license also says 250cc/LAMS...
  10. sorry to reserect the thread, but saves me starting a new one.

    3 months into my RE LAMS (up to 650cc) back home in QLD, Australia.
    so now in NZ, will I be placed straight into the RE 250cc only travel between 6am and 10pm bracket ?
    really hope not, as i'll be doing late shifts through the week finishing up after 12am.
    looking at my QLD lic now, it does mention Type = O Class = C,RE
    if pulled over would they know i was on restricted (seems sorta obvious with the RE though)

    got some info from kiwiriders, but would love some more experienced input, since ^^ the poster above has been in my situation before.
  11. When I looked at travel insurance you had to be licensed in your home country for the bike that you are riding to be covered.

    I would consider that before worrying about if the cops would pull you over.

    Also most travel insurers won't insure over 200cc. Worldcare does, and I would recommend them.
  12. mmm, i actually hadnt considered travel insurance,
    was thinkin more bike insurance when i got 1.
    if all goes to plan, will be here for 6 months tops, or 1 month (trial period)

    ill get sum more opinions from work as theres a few internationals who brought 250cc bikes now working there.
  13. An "international drivers licence" isn't actually a driving licence, but a translation of your regular licence in a variety of languages. In New Zealand your Aussie one will be fine, but if you are staying for more than 12 months (and living in one place), you are expected to get an NZ licence.