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going to New Zealand advice.....

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by madmaxoz, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Any advice on taking a bike over to New Zealand and back? Thinking of going for 3 weeks in March with one other bike. I'm weighing up the cost of taking it over and back versus the cost of hiring a bike or buying one then selling it at the end of the trip. Do any of the cruise ships take bikes over and back?

    Any stories or advice on touring NZ?


  2. Hey what's the go with fines / laws etc over there on your Australian licence?
    Can the NZ police check your AU record?
  3. Beautiful place...did South Island in motorhome few years ago - a week was nowhere near enough time

    For bike transport check out www.getrouted.com.au ships bikes everywhere
  4. rdkls You need to have a valid licence, you do not get demerits put towards your aussie licence but it works the same as here. You get the fine, you get demerits(accrued taken off whatever) and if you score enough they will ban you from driving/riding. They actually patrol to police speeding as well as use the usual fixed and in place options. Watch out for the Cardboard car in Auckland if they are still using it, as they used to put a camera in it(around roadworks, you can't tell its a fake until your close. Awesome idea)
  5. They don't check your license as far as I know, and you don't collect points. Me and my sister were over there with my family, and my sister got caught at 130km/h.(hey, it was a really nice jaguar) no points, and I don't even think the fine was that huge-it was a 100 zone.
  6. Beat me to it. They handle customs for you (or at least set you up to get through it).
    Three weeks would be about break even between shipping and renting, although you would probably need to settle for something basic on the renting front. There's plenty of choice but the premium bikes cost mucho.

    Buying and selling is time consuming and risky even with a buy-back deal but it can be good value if you have good mechanical luck.

    Three weeks you could cover one island fairly well, but by no means all of it. South is slightly better. March should be as dry as it's likely to get over there, too.

    Eating out is expensive. Camp or self cater at holiday parks.

    I don't think the NZ police can instantly check your driving record. They are reasonably fair, but be warned that if you are clocked at 45kmh over you can (and probably will) have your bike impounded for the duration of your trip. Any fines WILL be chased down even after you return.

    The roads are nothing short of spectacular. Everywhere. When it stops raining.

  7. +11213123

    Used to live there. Every time I go back, its like a breath of fresh air. Smooth, twisty, beautiful roads everywhere, and little traffic-in most places. Beginning and end of school holidays can see quiet country roads become near gridlock though, so watch out.
  8. Thx for the link and info....keep it coming.

  9. Like Tassie roads on steroids. In fact for 'pure road riding' roads, pretty much some of the best Ive seen on the planet! Due to the volcanic type topography, its some of the twistiest stuff Ive seen anywhere, and the people are very friendly. Tonnes of possie roadkill unfortunately. Last time I was there was few years ago and have never seen soooooo much possie road kill. Was an estimated 70 million possums then, as there are no natural predators. Oh and get routed like everyone else said.
  10. queenstown to milford sound has to be on your list. make sure you drop-into paradise on your way.
  11. been to NZ 3 times in Motorhomes. First time both North and South Islands, last 2 times both the South Island.

    South Island is a FANTASTIC place. Don't know about shipping costs arrangements for your own bike, but I couldn't imagine it'd be cheaper than hiring. I would seriously consider getting a GS or something like that, there are SO MANY UNBELIEVABLE mountain roads that are unsealed but in great nick that it would be well worthwhile.
  12. Velcro gloves?

  13. eh ?.

    not that i actually know but id say its cheaper to rent
  15. Yes, if your a nasty boy,so be good
    I could give you some ideas about loop holes but that would be unethical.
    Do the right thing,enjoy the ride and come back in one piece
  16. Hire a bike,like here there are really good motorcycles for hire and at least if you have problems with the bike your've got assistance.Just take your own riding gear,you'll be more comfortable and feel safer even though they have good gear.
    The South Island will give you the best bang for you bucks,fly into Christchurch,then ride around the edge of the island changes in riding conditions,landscape,activities and attraction,in 3 weeks you should cover your holiday nicely and march is a good time to go,not so busy on the tourist circuit and pretty good weather.To ride anywhere in New zealand will only take afew hours giving time to stop and look around,the road have really been upgraded.
    If anyone tries to convince you to go to north island don't do it,I assure you the southland is the best.
    This comming from someone who has ridin every inch of the country by tarmac and dirt roads.
    Could tell you alot more but don't want to bore everyone.
    Enjoy your holiday
  17. Thanks again for all the info and stories. Renting seems the best option after taking in the cost and inconvenience of shipping.

    The trip however is on hold for a year as I go in for a knee operation soon and have been advised not to ride (a heavy bike) for 4 months.

  18. :wink:
  19. Baaaaa means Nooooo