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Going to MCAS Auburn (Sat 14/05/2016) anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by chilliman64, May 13, 2016.

  1. #1 chilliman64, May 13, 2016
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    well Netriders, I need some riding boots and maybe a new jacket so thought I'd head to MCAS Auburn on Saturday. if anyone is interested in a meet up let me know. will probably head over late morning about 11am-ish.

    will be wearing my white with red sleeves NR shirt, with chilliman64... on the front.
  2. Might just see u there. I want to ride Fraser's to Mortlake Ferry to Berowra Ferry to recon for the upcoming 6 ferry ride.
  3. cool, I'll shout you a coffee (more likely a sausage sambo), I'll be caging it so the fattie will be home nice and warm on the charger
  4. Sorry, stuck with child duties today. I drew the short straw....
  5. no problem, enjoy!
  6. Hey Chilliman64,
    missed your post, I had a super early night with the dreaded lurgy... Would have liked to catch up and say G'day.

    I used to go to MCAS Auburn regularly until I discovered there was an MCAS in Taren Point (much closer to me). They are about the same size, huge. I did go to SCM in Kogarah though, bought matching textile pants (on sale) for my DriRider jacket. Sorted now, full set of Textiles, full set of Leathers and plenty of Kevlar jeans.
    cheers, Fred :)
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  7. as it turned out I didn't make it there myself today... once I saw GeorgeOGeorgeO couldn't make it I decided to give in to the manflu and have a lazy day at home. the missus is back from the hospital and resting. will get myself motivated tomorrow and head in to Auburn.

    MudfrogMudfrog - I have never been to the Taren Point store so might have to head in there one day, thanks for the tip.
  8. [QUOTE="chilliman64, post: 2989239, member: 54232" (more likely a sausage sambo),[/QUOTE]
    is this code for something?
  9. is this code for something?[/QUOTE]
    not a euphemism :) but how funny it was you that picked up on it lol
  10. got the boots - Dainese Torque
    got the gloves - Dainese something or other
    grabbed a sausage sambo (it was delicious uncle greguncle greg - onions, fresh roll, tabasco sauce)

    saved a lady rider from getting a flat battery... saw two ladies ride in on a Suzi while I was chomping away on the sambo. it's a good carpark to check out a mix of bikes and riders. I noticed that taillight on as they walked away. I was about 30 or 40 metres away with a mouthful of food and they had disappeared inside by the time I got over to their bike. noticed the key in the ignition. there was a rider next to me, showed him what I was doing (still chomping away) when I grabbed the key out as I had caged it to the store so it probably would have looked suspicious. walked inside but couldn't see them. the ladies were not overly tall and I couldn't find them due to the height of the racks, lol, I walked around and around and finally found them. poor thing looked a little embarrassed when I handed over her keys. I think we've all done it at some stage.

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  11. Yup guilty, dropped basket and high tailed it out of a supermarket on a few occasions o_O
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  12. sorry dude, didn't mean to ignore your post. there will be many more trips to MCAS for me, many more... we can catch up there or maybe on a weekend ride.
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  13. couldn't help myself and went there again today...
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  14. front or rear paddock stand ?
  15. rear, it's got dolly wheels on it also, will help me with my lubing o_O
  16. kinky !!!!!
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  17. that's how I roll
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  18. went to MCAS, it was almost empty. hardly any staff or customers. tried on 6 pairs of pants, no-one came over to assist so I bought nothing and walked out.
  19. I hope you walked out with some pants on.:sneaky:
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  20. ahhh sh1t, I knew I forgot something :eek:
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