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Going to loose my L's!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ice o 75, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Well after just getting my L's again a couple of months ago as I realised they had run out by 10 days when I went to book my P's (dumb I know but I had been working away) I got booked last weekend for 10+ over and no L plate so bye bye L's again! I am devastated!! Not just because of the fact riding makes me a different happier person but it makes my commute to work on the other side of Syney so much more tolerable! :cry::censored: So kids dont speed and display your L's aaaahhh hindsight you mock me again

  2. Bugger :-(
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  3. Were your L's on too tight?
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  4. Easy things to lose unfortunately - both the plate and the permit...
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  5. they were completely non existent. I normally have it cable tied through holes in the number plate but had cut it off beforehand to remove the wheel to repair a puncture
  6. *lose

    that sucks bud, commiserations. I have a 'friend' who never displayed Ls but was lucky enough to never get caught, sucks you had to be the one in a million
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  7. Yep...... Typo!
  8. Awwwh man......that really blows....

    But hey! At least you still get to ride - and when you get off restrictions and can buy something nice it will be all the more sweeter :D

    Chin up mate (y)
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  9. Well I'm still riding. Holding off on paying the fines as much as I can to delay the inevitable. I DONT WANNA NOT RIDE!!!
  10. The quicker you serve your punishment, the quicker you are back on the bike.

    Stop putting it off and get it over with!
  11. Worst as, Sydney traffic is one thing, Sydney public transport is another haha
  12. Did you get a suspension, or can you reset the L's?

    Chin up, either cop it, or ride extra careful. Riding with no licence on a LAM will teach you how to spot cops pretty quick.

    When I got my Ls suspended for 6months I was devastated. (a month before I was to hit the road, Jack.)
    Managed to stay off the bike for eight long weeks, but needed transport for the job I had to get while waiting.
    Coming up on a year now. I just hope I don't get any more suprises in the mail before I finally get my Ps.
  13. Yep. Summer is nearly upon us so if you can get the suspension out of the way sooner then you might have some summer left to enjoy.
  14. Not very good advice to be handing out... getting caught (whilst suspended) is taken quite seriously mate. I don't care what you do yourself but please don't suggest this course for others.
  15. Yes, it is. But I'm sure the OP understands that, and is capable of discerning what 'suggestions' he should follow.

    If my post was is not concidered acceptable I will refrain from mentioning things that are not lawful.

    I certainly do not suggest anyone break the law (without knowing the consequences). However some people simply cannot afford to not have a vehicle, if I did not ride unlicenced for example I would either be on the dole in a share house, or homeless.