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Going to HART this weekend

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by spoonta, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm going for my L's this coming weekend (15 and 16th Oct), at HART St.Ives 9am.

    Anything I should bring (no, i don't have my own gear yet)?
    Tips and Traps? 2 cents?

    Anyone doing it as well?

    Hope the weather will hold up! I'm really looking forward to it!

    On a side (and totally irrelevant) note, if you're from Sydney, u might have heard that Samsung is having this stunt promotion.

    I went there this morning at 3:30am, and there were like 20 people sleep/queuing there already.... with sadness i went home to sleep, and went to work this morning... damn i wish i'm a student, then i'd go sleep there as well! lol

    Incase you haven't:
  2. I was about to book it at St Ives, but was impatient and did in a few days early at Clyde, which I slightly regret given the reputation that HART has. Is it possible to another pre-learners course given that I only just did mine last week?
  3. Anything I should bring (no, i don't have my own gear yet)?
    Tips and Traps? 2 cents?

    Anyone doing it as well?
  4. I took my own gear, I didn't want to use a helmet that had hundreds of people sweating in it. Plus you need your own gear when you get your bike. Just wear full length clothing to cover your skin.

    Just listen to the instructor and ask questions. It's pretty straight forward. Some people will be quicker to handle a motorcycle and others will need a bit more time or another lesson.

    Good luck with it.

    LOL at the Samsung phone. When I read it, the phone is locked onto Vodafone, I thought why bother (am Vodafone user and have bad coverage/service and can't wait for contract to finish)
  5. Just take it easy - listen to the instructors and don't think you know better than them. And don't be afraid to ask questions as well if you don't understand something.

    And +1 for getting your own helmet - no way I wanted to wear someone else's sweat-infused, nit encrusted, and just generally disgusting helmet :)


  6. SIGH, i went helmet shopping the other day,
    the Arai i wanted doesn't fit my heard, the SHOEI that fits my head looked ugly...

    i would have hoped HART have better/clearner equipments :(
  7. Hart will harp on about this so I will drill it in even further:
    Don't forget to turn the left indicators on when doing the left turn in the test!! Instant fail if you forget to do it and you may not be able to get a free retest.

    Bring 35 bucks (I think it is) to cover the cost of a retest on the day in case you fail the first time.
  8. Thanks Mate!

    I need to make sure I turn off the indicator as well!
  9. Good idea
  10. NSW works a little different to how you guys operate down in VIC. There isn't a test par-say, rather you are "assessed" throughout the two x ½ day sessions. A pass earns you a slip of paper that allows you to wander down to a RTA and attain your learner rider's license.

    @spoonta - relax, pay attention and practice, practice, practice. Not much more to add except to bring change for the vending machine if you want a chocolate bar or similar (no shops near the facility).
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  11. oh I thought HART was only in VIC, my mistake
  12. Yeah not really a test persay but at along the way you have to master the various handling skills at the pace the instructor is setting, if you start struggling and can't get it then you might be asked to come back another time and not allowed to finish the course. Also at the end of the course you are doing a "simulated" road ride with a stop and giveway plus signalling and you have to indicate and giveway to the other motorcycles properly or you won't pass...

    I had never riden a motorcycle before the course and felt like absolute shit on the second day because of coming down with the flu, but whilst the second day was challenging for me I still passed. I also because of my size found the CB250 very cramped. Once I bought my GS500F and had by this point gotten over the flu I had no issues and I think I would of passed much more easily if I hadnt been sick on the course. So as they say if you can ride a push bike well and drive a manual car, plus are normally a fairly quick learner then you'll have fun on the course and pass!
  13. sigh.... hope it doesn't rain tomorrow :(