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Going To GOR

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Slic1, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Hey peoples I'm going for a ride down GOR on Sunday, at this stage its by myself and its to work out a nice route to post a intermediate ride for the week following being the 19th or the 20th, waiting on a weather report for next weekend to decide on which day. Anyone is more than welcome to come as I'm trying to take it easy and time the ride well, besides its time for a sickie Monday just because I can and the weather is 33 so I'm planning on going back and doing the same route for a little practice and to make sure I know where the hell I'm going before attempting to lead a ride.

    If anyone can suggest a nice route for this type of ride it would be a great help, and for anyone that’s interested in coming along feel free to join in I would love the company.

    And for anyone that’s more interested in a little faster pace (of course no faster than the speed limit :D) with the end point being Lavers hill (not sure if I got the name right) your more than welcome to contact me to meet up somewhere before hand on Monday.
  2. Well now, as it happens I have an RDO on Monday & being quite familiar with a lot of the back roads around that area I reckon that sounds like a plan. Im in Geelong so name the place & time to meet :D
  3. Slic1, I rode down on Monday just past on the GOR. The problem I had was finding a good route back.

    Don't know if you remember, but I was the guy on the red Spada on the ride ride to Healesville the Sunday b4 (6th). Would love to come along on this one, but I feel I may be anchoring you too much as I don't ride fast around those corners.
  4. Hey thanks Roarin I like the idea of learning some of the back roads around there, just name the place to meet up near you (please make it on a main road) I was thinking of leaving Brunswick around 9am head up to a meeting point up your way, have some breakfast and take off.

    vOOdsy there is no such thing as slowing us down. I would prefer pulling over and having a smoko break knowing that you’re riding at your ability than trying to catch up. Besides who knows you’re probably a hell of a lot better than me at corners and I might be the one catching up. What day were you thinking Sunday or Monday? Either is fine
  5. hi there, i will be off wrk on monday and yet i havent caught up with any netriders so it would be good.
    voodsy i will be willing to give u company
  6. Hi GMAN, welcome aboard, maybe we can choose a maccas in Geelong to meet up so I can stuff my face first.
  7. No problemo Slic1, how about Monday? but it's Valentines day tho :roll:

    Traffic congestion will be low. I managed to get to Port Campbell in about 4 hrs last Monday.

    Just need to organise a meeting point for all. There are 2 new BP servos along the Princes Fwy just outside of Werribee (opposite each other) or the new Caltex one very close to the roundabouts. This could a be a meting pt then hook up with Roarin somewhere in Geelong.

    If anyone can suggest a better meeting pts, I'ma ll ears.
  8. im in,for monday i live in melton so i will pm voodsy cos he lives in hoppers.
  9. How about the first BP servo as you come into Geelong? On the left by the Shell Refinery turnoff. I would hazard a guess around 9:45. Just look for the bright yellow bike :D
  10. Watch out for buses pal :)
  11. Ta Sardar Gor - Ta Thassa!
  12. Sounds good to me, :D
  13. Hey slic...shows you how much l read in here...l thought you were doing the twisties...lol.

    Have a good ride 2moro

  14. no probs Julz, i just answered your pm :D

    Im not going on 2morrows ride, but working out a learner friendly ride for next weekend on the same roads Im doing tomorrow and with the guys on this thread Monday, so hope 2 see your name on the list early.
  15. you mean dirty yellow bike :LOL:
  16. Thanks insano I will keep my eyes open for the bright yellow dirty bike,
  17. Slic1, i guess we're meeting roaring at the Bp in Geelong 9:45am. I will organise to ride with GMANprolly 9-9:15am around Hoppers.

    If anything changes give me a call on 0421 864 608. I will be checking these forums again in the next few hrs so either is fine.

  18. It may be dirty but at least it doesn't have any scratches...........yet :LOL: :LOL:
  19. i will be be there slic1 for 2moros ride,voodsy and i r in,v hope to be there on time just give and take a few mins
  20. to quote you that simply means that "i have ridden!"

    oh and my new bike doesn't have scratches :D