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Going to court tomorrow to play the solicitor role!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by generalyuehfei, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Wish me luck for tomorrow as I attempt to convince the magistrate that I am a fit and proper person to hold a license based on a very tacky driving record and character representation (of which I have lots of).

    Will keep you posted on the results.

    THE RESULTS : bbbaaaaahhhhh wwwwaaahhhhahahh!!!! :cry:

    Looks like cityrail is the go for work purposes and the VFR is put into storage for 3 months (which is the worst of it - missing those weekend rides to justify my petrol drinking problem)

    Regards, The General
  2. good luck mate. keep that 1 point :)
  3. Thanks Dante although I fear that shall be contested at the next court case :shock: ps: there is a method to my madness(at this stage)

    Yes, the general has been rather silly since receiving his beloved VFR and Monaro in the same month.

    Besides the outcome, I am happy to provide FREE legal advice as I believe I have manipulated any provision made available in these types of situations.
  4. wut?
  5. Mat, that does make sense to me particularly your avatar hmmmmm!!

  6. Good luck, general - I'm sure you'll get your money's worth one way or another.

    Mind you, there's an old legal maxim - he who represents himself has a fool for a client.

    Bon chance!
  7. bumer :( just read the update. trains leave lidcome - homebush every 20-30 mins

    there could be an advantage, not as much to worry about as far as exceeding the alcohol limit while riding/drving especially now ksystems is buying right !
  8. yeh... just don't get caught for drunk & disorderly in public...

    sorry to hear of the outcome!! Hope the 3months goes by quickly for u?!?
  9. time will fly

    Cheers :cool:
  10. One benefit is the $65 hearing has delayed the suspension so as to commence as of today. I will be in Europe with the misses for 5 of the 12 week suspension :cool:

    The cost of representation for the day was quoted at $1500 and frankly my license for 7 weeks is not worth that much and it wouldn't have made a difference as the magistrate was quite stringent in the traffic related decisions.

    Dante, fantastic suggestion and KSystemz should come and pick me up if he could take a pillion but then there is the issue of being seen on a scooter :shock:

    ps: be sure to wave when you pass me on your pushbike. I'll be the one with the shoei helmet and leathers :LOL:

    Regards, Nick
  11. So does all this cancel your licence completely??

    In other words when you eventually get it back do you go back onto P Plates with all the associated power restictions which may limit your ability to drive the Monaro and even the bike (what are the laws in NSW??).
  12. I very silly person I know :-w got a very unfair and unwarranted 3 mth license suspension, and around 6 weeks later was pulled over by the boys in blue for doing a right-hand turn at a brand new no-right turn during morning peak times intersection. Took the license, walked back to their car, and shortly thereafter returned the license without a word on the suspension and just a warning for the right-hand turn. About equals your luck with being in Europe for 5 wks :)

  13. What about the issue of holding onto his hips ?
  14. No not at all. The suspension is exactly that, suspending the current license class and not cancelling it.