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NSW Going to court end of this month. DUI

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Siwagod, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. #1 Siwagod, Mar 5, 2013
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    Give up. Mega short version.

    At station I blew fifty

    Cops were sorry

    Going to court

    Never had problems before

    Cops said magistrate will probably dismiss it
  2. Seriously what the hell is with this site lmao I have spent the last twenty minutes trying to get this through sneaky url approval.
  3. You blew 0.050 or you blew 50kmh over the speed limit?

    I assume you want to know your chances.

    BTW I wouldn't listen to the cops, they always say that you will get off, - "well if I will get off that means your ticket is BS and therefore you shouldn't give it to me then moron, but I wont get off but you are saying that I will so that I won't complain at you..."
  4. I tried writing it all out in detail Verical, but every time I use a digit or full stop near it this forum wont let me post saying there is a sneaky url in my text. I blew the first thing you said.
  5. Yup, don't drink and ride/drive.
    I wouldn't count on it being dismissed either by the way, if it is you're a lucky sausage.
  6. It will probably get dismissed if you take up a driving offenders program. The court should assign you council who will likely plead for this.
  7. Try again as now it makes even less sense.
  8. Low range first offence usually gets a slap on the wrist. Maybe 3 months susp.

    Act contrite. Maybe enrol in AA if you really need your licence.
  9. Sorry guys Ill post up full story when Im not on work computer. I literally cannot post nearly anything as the forum keeps saying im posting sneaky urls or some crap.
  10. 50 kph over...didn't know hoydung's went that fast....there you go, the datsun 120y - western ring road defence.....
  11. One of the young blokes here got done for low range, first offence and was given 12 months good behaviour, no loss/suspension of licence, a $550 fine and expenses.
  12. Yep, I have 2 friends with the exact same thing, but both had to do the traffic offenders program.
  13. Yep, I know a few people who have done that. They tried rent the 'beer goggles'.
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    i got done few months back....0.032 in the car....on my l's unsupervised..had a few other charges not related in my past...still got a good behaviour bond no loss of license or fines....didnt have to attend any program or do crap
  15. Agree. Plead guilty and ask for s10 1b, giving some sort of pious showing.
  16. Man you are a bad, bad boy!
  17. absolute rebel i am....made it all the more bogan-ish that it was done leaving a pub in mt druitt...driving a lowered vs commodore with tinted windows
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  18. Oh god...
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  19. Noice, Crisis, noice.