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Going to buy a zx2r?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by GForce, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. hi all, i am from adelaide and i am going buy a kawa zx2r but there aint many in adelaide and i yesterday went to a dealer asking him if he can get them in and he said i should go interstate to get 1. i am planning to go to melb in 3wks time to look for a bike. can anyone here tell me what is the best place in melb to buy my bike. there are a few of them around but just want to know which is the best place to get a good price for the bike to save me time. i am only going to be there for 3 days.

  2. Unfortunately there's no one best place to buy a bike at the best price (otherwise we'd all shop there!). I guess I can recommend avoiding places like Sumoto, as everyone seems to be of the opinion that they're bad news.

    I bought my bike from A1 Motorcycles... paid a bit more than I should have, but they were reasonable enough with test-riding and negotiation. Top Gear in Frankston/Seaford were also very useful when looking for a bike, and willing to negotiate prices.
  3. I found generally poor service everywhere I looked in Melb. And if it wasn't poor service it was a lack of 250s of any description. My advice is go for a private sale. Look up bikesales before you go and check out those bikes when you're down here. If you need a mechanic to check one out for you, send Pete the Pom a PM and I'm sure he'll be happy to help.
  4. wow, that guy must be the king of marketing and sales techniques, his bikes must be practically riding themselves out the door with a sales pitch like that :p

    "you want to buy a bike here? oh no i'm sorry this is our 'showroom' it's for show only, buying bikes is strictly an interstate thing" :D
  5. I guess you could start off with an Elizabeth St run... but your not likely to find any real bargains there. I wouldn't bother going as far as Ray Quincey Used Motorcycles; when you see the sign, just turn around. ;)

    I'd definitely recommend trying to get an 'agent' of sorts from Melbourne... someone interested in lining something up for you - kinda the same way people buy car's from Japan, proxy buyer. You pay them a certain fee and they'll find you a bike/car.

    As for Sumoto, well just search on these forums for the general consensus about them. :p
  6. thanks for the feed back guys. the reason why i want to go to a dealer is because they will arrange everything for the bike to be transported to adelaide.
    where did most you guys buy ur 1st bike. was it from a dealer or private?
  7. hi everyone. i found my zx2r and going to pick it up most likely next wk but i am having the hardest time trying to find an insurance company that will cover me. i am from adelaide and all the insurance place are saying that they dont have that model listed.

    people in adelaide.........which insurance company are u guys with. plz help!!!!
  8. You might have more luck finding the bike under it's real name...

    ZXR 250.

    The whole ZX2R thing came about then the rest of the ZX#R range was released... and the little 250cc was still known as the ZXR 250. So the importers kinda just started dubbing them ZX2R to make them sound sportier. Kinda like called an FZR an R2 (i prefer to call them an R1/4). ;)
  9. I think better buy from private sell. You can start to look around on internet, bikesale, bikepoint, tradingpost, carguide, ebay.....etc.

    Do a search online, you can find more!
  10. i already bought the bike and picking it up soon but need insurance!!! someone in adelaide tell me where to go.
  11. Simply open the phone book to 'car insurance' see which advertisers will do bikes (they will say so in the advert) tell them the bike model (ZXR250!), pay them and WHAMMO: insurance.