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Going the Distance.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Go to google.com

    Click on Google Maps.

    Click on Create personalised maps

    Click on Get Directions.

    From: New York, New York.

    To: Paris, France.

    Then, read line #23.
  2. long way to swim
  3. AHAHA.. :LOL: :LOL: I cant even make a 50m pool... :grin:
  4. well i cant swim... :wink:
  5. neither can i , i just sink i cant even float haha
  6. Looks like both you and ms tear are not going anywhere :LOL:
  7. I seriously can't do it. I get to "Create New Map", and name + descriptions but can't enter directions..

    Damn these pain killers, really head fcuking me at moment! :?: :?: :evil:
  8. If teh pain Killers are stopping that don't worry, you wont be able to count to step #23 :LOL:
    The boxs for entering the location are near the top of teh frame
  9. They obviously have some wicked logic going on there!

    Try the same to London, England.

    They take you through France and then the channel. Apparently you drive. Expect to get wet, as the tunnel exit isn't there!
  10. "swim across Atlantic Ocean"

    no pressure, mind :LOL:.

  11. Ahh, that step is what I missed.. :roll: :oops:


    Mind is starting to come back to earth now... I was a bit sky high before. So I can ride to south bank it looks like instead of flying there ;)
  12. I wonder if Susie Moroney wrote the instructions on how to get there? Seems like they allocate enough time for you to make the journey in the time estimate though :LOL:
  13. LMAO yep yep looks like i float under water... :p