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Going Squid is awesome ( long story )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Cruise down to the beach, T-shirt flapping around. No gloves. It feels good.

    Stop at the beach go for a swim, head on back to St Kilda.

    So i was following these 2 cops, not intentinally. They just happend to go the same way as me. 1 was on a bike, other in SS or something.

    Anyway, down in Fiztroy St, St Kilda, They are going along slowly on the tram tracks.. i was gonna go down the bike lane, but thought nah, fcuk it. People have been fined for that. Then 2 guys on harleys ride thru bike lane.... cops were looking the other way. I waited a little bit. The cops turned up a little street. So i went for it.

    Anyway, so i didnt notice that there was a gap in the traffic, and a lady turned right into a side street. I grabbed some front brake. Lost it, fell on my right side, the car that cut me off i guess i just missed. I ended up headbutting the bumper of a taxi. Sliding under it. My bike hit another car and gave it a flat tyre. I jump up and people are like yelling and stuff.
    It was right outside a pub on cup day. So all these drunk guys run over and tell me to sit down when im trying to sit on my bike. So we wheel it off the road. Im surrounded by drunk people who are telling me the other drivers fcuked, we saw everything.. etc etc. The cop car drives over and asks me if im ok and if i want a ambulance.. Didnt want one.
    The lady who cut me off and the drunk guys agreed that we didnt need to exchange details. The cop drove off cause i didnt mind either way.
    The cabbie came over and wanted to swap details with me. Drunk guys told him to fcuk off. These guys hate Taxi drivers, even more so since he was indian. So then these guys are telling me that i should make up a story and blame the cabbie, they can all be witnesses.. :roll:

    So after a few more minutes of talking to people, a lady comes out to me and tells me that most of these guys are on heroin, and if i want someone who isnt on it, i should come inside.
    Since taxi driver got told where to go, he rings cops and the bike cops comes back over. Exchanges details with me and taxi driver.

    The damage to the taxi was shit all the cop was saying, just abit of spit and polish is needed. The guy who's tyre got popped didnt do nothing and I thought the flat tyre was a seperate incident until the cop said something :p

    What a funny day,
    few more scratches and cracks in the fairings. Since i've allready done dmg to my bike before, it doesnt really bother me. It seems to ride straight.. I guess i'll take some fairings off and try to bend the brackets back today?
    And get that triangular thing replaced that attaches to the brake and footpeg.

    Also, i got the taxi number written on my arm twice (Thanks guys) ... you know for when we blame the taxi for everything.

    It sucks when they are trying to bend back your fairings too :p


    I was asked if i wanted a ambulance.. i said " nah dont worry about it"
    I guess cause it was a waste of time for an ambulance to come out here for a grazed elbow and i was also worried about the costs ( if any )

    I had Alpine star riding boots, trendy Bridge Rd jeans, quiksliver T-shirt. no gloves, no jacket + helmet :)

    The worst thing is i got a hole in my playboy boxers, from where them metal button things on jeans are, rubbed thru :evil:

    Im still gonna ride squid this summer.
    Pics to follow.

    Damage i got. Grazed Elbow, fingers, knee, upper leg.
  2. :roll:

    mat take a photo of your injury's and message it to yourself and then think how bloody lucky you were of this time...and wonder what could happen next time.

    There are air mesh jackets and gloves you can get that are well suited to hot weather and still offer protection.
  3. Good on ya.

  4. How are we supposed to encourage noobies to wear proper gear at all time when these sorts of stories glorify taking risks and make falling off a bike sound like harmless fun?
  5. And the morale of the story is... drunk people are funny :D

    But seriously if your not gonna wear gear still, be careful ay...
  6. I don't think you can...its seems riders fall into two categories, those that wear gear, and those that don't....sad but true
  7. I guess its like anything, they wont learn until they get hurt enough to realise that squidding removes that extra bit of protection that decent gear gives you.
    I have a Dry Mesh jacket that works well on hot days, and ive been sliding down the road with it on and it protected my skin from being ground away. Like the helmet protected my head when I used it to stop said slide against a taxi.....damn taxis.
  8. i've ridden without gear.. the bugs hitting me are too painful :p

    personally, i dont see a problem with crawling down beach road like a pushy with better brakes, as opposed to any real riding. but i figure natural selection will work it out anyway :)
  9. sorry to hear about your off bud, glad to hear that your not badly hurt.

    and your joking about the taxi driver right? blokes only doing his job is the way i see it......i'm sure he doesn't wanna fork out any money for the damage, even if it is a spit'n'polish.

    so your joking about blaming the taxi driver right? tell me your joking
  10. Mat is a newbie.

    There's a lot of posts on here from 250 riders telling other 250 riders what to do.

    I've only been riding for 3 years, and still know zip :)

    I'd love another profile tag which is "Years riding" (And it's only counts there years you have been riding, not the years you have had a license)

    And mat is a bit of a troll as well.
  11. oooh yeah, i'm going to squid now for sure (not).
  12. But obviously hes only pretty new himself. I mean if people are following his lead instead of taking advice from someone more experienced like yourself then thats their stupid choice...

    Id be a litlle more worried if the veterans around here started promoting wearing no gear, then there might be an issue...
  13. hornet ,
    matt is young and no matter how much you lecture him it will not change his mind.
    The only thing that will change his mind is a tour through the HI unit at ivanhoe or royal talbot.
    then these blokes can tell him , but otherwise you can only be accountable for self.
    its easy to squid it esp when its stinking hot and its more comfortable without all the laether
    matt re-think your options , if you chosse not to thats fine.
    but if i orginise a ride and you are squiding it you will be told to leave.

    otherwise ride safe
  14. Mat ... grow up mate, while you still can.
  15. mat wrote
    GOOD . Pitty it wasn't worse to teach you a lesson . Grow up.
  16. ... I believe this is mats attempt at humour.
  17. Thats a pretty fcukin average thing to say to someone regardless of the circumstances... Maybe you should grow up.

    Sounds abit like hes takin the piss the way its worded anyways.
  18. Keep squiddin'...that's the spirit !!!

    Just save everyone the sight of the skin-grafts at coffee night eh?... moustaches grow in funny angles when they sprout from a piece of arse.
  19. And comment of the day goes to....


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Absolutely not. Anyone who squids it, rides down bicycle lanes past stopped/slow cars, doesn't pay attention to the road to notice a break and car turning right, and is inexperienced enough to grab a handful of front brake is damn lucky to come out with just some grazes. It is good that this is all they got because next time it could be a lot worse, if they learn from the experience.