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going slow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by es, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. mat and I are having an argument and I am too tired to explain how I mean. Dont know that Im going to make much sense but anyway

    Ive made it to 170 with one gear to go on my gpx and mat cant make it to anything higher than 140. I said it because of the way he tries to get fast.
    He puts it in 6th at like 100ks and then keeps on the acelerator.

    I told him he needs to stop telling me im full of crap cos im right.
    It works better (ive found in my half asleep states) that it is more effective to work up in the gears to highest speed they are capable of then changing up to the next gear.

    Now everyone should tell mat im better than he is and give me chocolate and find out where my damn g strings have dissapeared to; although i did find one in mats washing basket the other day. He says he had one on his head the other day and hes glad i didnt see. Pity he told me then :shock:

    Anyway; end episoide #16 of Mat vs. Eswen

    Now you should all argure why I put Mat before Eswen in the title of our tv show.

    bah sleep time i think. baa baa baa.... uh.
  2. you have a valid point.

    mat's bike may not have the same toothed sprokets as you thus totally changing the torque/speed relationship. A good way to check this would be to make reference to rpm - gear - road speed. If they are different, you are comparing apples to pears, they both similar fruits but they taste different.

  3. Dork the point i was making is that regardless if you start at 20km/h in 6th gear your stil gonna get the same top speed.
    And i can get to 171. yes +1 for the downhill.
  4. Don't you have to start at 0km? :? :?
  5. pfft call me a dork... im so eating all your chocoalte while your at work....
  6. not necessarily mat.

    if when you are in top gear your engine rpm is too low to be in it's torque range then you are not going to be able to overcome resistances preventing you from reaching the rpm's needed to get the torque to propell you at that speed.

    It makes sense if you think about it, eswens right i thinks....
  7. and of course all this high speed riding is done on private roads or during track days.......
  8. Nah i said 10km/h cause it's hard to start from 0 - 170 in 6th
  9. Im in 6th, doing 13,000 or 13,500.
    If i drop it down a gear whats it gonna rev too then :cry:
  10. she's right.. unless your at redline in 6th gear? well next time don't get into 6th gear. if your on the highway doing 100 put in 4th and then take off. as you get close to redline change up. other then that i'd say someone has changed one of your sprockets so you take off quicker or maybe save more fuel at average speeds and still have reasonable power or some shit.

    i cant remember what you've got. but your bike will go faster then 140
  11. I'm sitting here just imagining the tortured sounds of little 250's trying to exceed speeds they were never intended to reach....Oh the pain, the humanity, the over-stressed components!!!
  12. Perhaps the acid test would be to ride on roads with long straights and sweepers, where you can wind it out for eternity. e.g. Halls Gap to Dunkeld. :D :D :D
  13. go and put both bikes on the dyno...this is good way to find out the truth...yes :?:
  14. Most bikes are geared to use sixth gear as an 'overdrive' (for freeway cruising economy). Because of this they will not red-line in top and are therefore just as fast in 5th gear as they are in 6th.

    For example my ZX6 (on standard gearing) will do about 240kph in 5th but to red-line in 6th it would have to be capable of going 280kph!
  15. i do find it difficult to beleive that a GPX will do 170 in 5th gear :shock: those little parallal twins are great little commuting motors, but i wouldnt have figured them going much quicker than 150ish on a good day.

    unless, as RC said, you've got different gearing. With stock gearing, the GPX sits on about 8000RPM in 6th at 100. to hit 170, it would have to be doing about 15500RPM in 6th :shock: i'd say the GPX would struggle to get to those revs in first, let alone 5th or 6th..... (considering redline is around 14000 or something and they dont even like getting to that)

    *note: figures based on my memory, for all i know, i might have been riding a turnip, not a GPX and it could have been raining fish and chips as it so often does.
  16. Eswen sounds right to me (not that I would really know)
    But with an avatar like that, how could Mat be wrong? LOL
  17. Coconuts, knowing a mates GPX the speedo gets a little exponential at the top end.

    They certainly belt along alright once you wind them up but I'm dubious about 170. 150 though, no probs.
  18. actually, 13,600RPM assuming your 8000/100k is correct.
  19. Actually I think they're talking about 2 different things. Eswen can get to 170km/h by revving the crap outta her bike and shifting gears when it's screaming. And I think mat is trying to say he can do the same by shifting to the higher gears at a lower speed but taking longer to get there. Both are correct, eswen will just get to her top speed quicker. Am I right? Or should I just go back to my corner?
  20. oh yeah :oops:

    geebuz, and i was in the advanced maths classes back in high school :shock:

    see what i mean about the memory? i could well have been riding a turnip :LOL: