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Going shopping

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Ok guys, here's the deal:

    I will be going shopping very soon for a replacement to the VFR. I LOVE the VFR ergonomics/set up and will almost certainly be looking for a Sports/Tourer orientated bike.

    Riding Use/Requirements:
    • Daily Commuter
    • 1-2 Weekend rides per month
    • 1-2 Long haul tours per year (Melb - Syd type distances)
    • Have never done a track day but very much want to
    • DEFINITELY will be doing an Advanced Riding course very soon
    • I have had 2 ZZR250's and the now deceased VFR800Fi, it's fair to say I like a fully faired bike, but have not got a closed mind to a naked/semi naked bike if the overall package is right.
    • I like the clip on handle bars
    • I am unsure if stepping down from an 800 is something I want to do, but if there's a brilliant 600 out there then will consider it. That said would also consider a 1000 if it fits the bill.
    • I have loved the feel of the V4. Don't know much about the performance of a V-Twin, but am happy to listen.
    • I need versatility, I want enough power available so that I don't have to think about it, and enough comfort and range to cruise. However, I don't want a bike that's going to assassinate me in a blink of an eye (I know that alomst any bike can do this if you stuff up enough)
    • I don't want a bike more than 6 years old.
    • I want a bike that's easily good for 200,000k's. I love technology, I want solid build, bulletproof engine. I am happy to pay for quality.
    • I almost certainly wont be able to do any but the barest maintenance at home, I am happy to pay for servicing to be done professionally (I have an excellent mechanic and will be sticking with him)
    • My budget is $12,000 ($12,500 at a stretch)

    So, what can you suggest that fits the above? I am happy to hear suggestions of bikes that fit as many of those requirements as possible, and ideally all of them. Have I just described another VFR, or are there a number of choices that fit the bill?

    Go to it and thanks !

  2. Damn I was going to suggest having a look at the new BMWF800S or ST untill I saw your budget, maybe another VFR? :?
  3. Step up to the Blackbird, it's bullet proof, but it's defiantly not a sports tourer, my opinion is it's more sports orientated.

    Isn't shopping fun, there was a good VFR for sale secondhand at a bargain price if you ask me, but now it's sold.
  4. doit - I PM'd Cameron about that last night, but yes, it went yesterday. Ho Hum
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  6. Could be worth having a look at the SV (Both 650 and 1000)
  7. I was thinking of the Blackbird too but its probably too big and heavy for what you want.
  8. Ducati ST2 will fit the bill.
    Believe it or not there is one here at work with only 1700 original km on it. I think it is a 2000 model. You would have to check with the sales guys as to how much is on it but it should be about that money.
    Longevity of the motor is good, I have 100,000 on mine at the moment and is still going strong.
  9. ST2's are bullet proof.

    There is that option, a couple of second hand 748's, 996's

    A new Firestorm or SV1000 would be my options
  10. Ducati ST2 - See Scumbags reccomendation.

    Truimph ST - Never heard a bad word said about these bikes, but finding one for second hand at that price may be an issue.

    Aprilia Falco or SL1000 - Got a wicked V-twin motor in and may well be worth a test ride, but finding one would be hard.

    RGV250 - People claim that maintanece is not that bad on them if you know what your are doing... :roll:

    Have fun shopping.
  11. OK - I believe I have got my list down to these bikes:

    Honda VFR800Fi (Still preferred, but have to ride the others first)
    Suzuki SV1000s (V Twin, don't know how I'll find it, we'll see)
    Kawasaki z1000 (will be interesting how I react to no fairings)
    Yamaha FZ1 (a bit scared of it's Licence (and maybe Life) Removal capabilities)

    I like the idea of the Duke ST2, but think one of a standard that I'm really wanting will be outside my budget. That said, I'm still waiting on a reply to my PM to scumbag about the one he mentioned in his post.
  12. This bike will fit all of your needs, you can get brand new for about $14500 ride away NSW. Bulletproof!
    I know a number of people with between 100-160,000km on their blackbirds with no problems other than regular servicing, and wear parts like brakes, clutch, tyres etc.

    You will not be disappointed.
    Mustard from this forum has >100,000 on his PM him.
  13. Doonx,

    go the blackbird mate :biker: ..I found for somebody my height it was bit heavy on the wrists but I got some VFR bars and now it's a pretty comfy place to while away the k's...or you can unleash the 140 odd horses for a bit of fun...sing out if you want to ride mine to see whats it's like with the viffer b ars
  14. I know where there is a ZX12R for sale ? Dont know if its still in perfect nick as its been stuck on the bloody footpath outside Spot On with all the shit.. Yeah ok ive had my cry now.. :cry: :LOL:
  15. I was gunna suggest the ST2/3 as well - but as you say, budget might restrict choice a little.

    Test rode a Falco recently - might fit the bill. Very similar ergos to the VFR - perhaps a little more forward, but not much in it. As for your list:
    - clip-ons = yes
    - 1000cc = yes
    - V4 = na, 60 degree V2. Versatile engine though.
    - age = anything up to 2004, I think.
    - reliability = apparent the Rotax engine is very hard to kill. Electrics might need upgrading though. :p
    - servicing = really don't know. Cost wise though, it's about the same as a Jap bike, and a lot cheaper than the Duc. Spares ok, but if you crash it you might need to wait for parts.
    - price = should find a clean one for $12k

    I test rode it, then bought a Tuono. Obviously it's naked, with bikini fairing at the front. The screen is VERY effective at legal speeds, probably more so than my ZX9R with double-bubble. Above about 130km/h - it gets really windy, and you need to duck. ;) The reason I picked it though was it's Fun! Like crazy stupid fun. More power than the Falco, basically an RSVR Mille engine in a naked bike (no detuning!). It's also got great ergos (wide bars, upright ride position) but can still work the track thanks to high pegs. Better clearance than ur VFR, actually. Sounds horn, goes hard... oh, and long trips shouldn't be too much of a problem. I rode the thing 900km back from Adelaide the day I bought it - and ended up with a sore arse, but everything else was fine.

    Food for thought. Oh, the Tuono also came in under your budget. And it's a little unique - not too many around. ;)
  16. What about the zx9?
  17. Yeah, also a valid option. I've spent 18 months commuting on one, so can give you some advice about that one too, if you're interested. :)
  18. OK, so far I have ridden the

    SV1000 - naked (the bike, not me) - thanks Stewy
    z750 - thanks Macca

    today at Jeffrey Honda:

    07 FireStorm (Brand New)
    07 VFR (Used - 800k's on the clock)

    I have decided that a naked bike just isn't me. They seem to be good bikes, but not what I'm after.

    I took the Storm and the VFR on exactly the same test run - Turn right at the light 100m past Jeffrey Honda/up to Upwey, back around to Burwood Hwy/turn right to go up the bends to Mt Dandenong/get to top and turn around/back down bends/Right onto Burwood Hwy and back to Jeffrey Honda

    The Storm was an intersting experience. Plenty of pep, felt easy to ride, easy to lean, easy to handle, but a touch loose in refinement. The V Twin made for a veru grunty feel and noise. Not a difficult bike to ride or own I imagine, and would provide many thrills a minute whenever you wanted them. I reckon this would be an easy bike to flick left and right, and have immense fun with. It felt as though it had a low centre of gravity

    The VFR had noticably less stick off the line, but at about 60+ kph I reckon had a similar pick up. It did show me a lot more finesse, a lot more elegance than the Storm, it was smooth tight and refined. Easy to ride, easy to work. I (naturally) like the set up. It felt like I had more bike under and around me than the Storm. The VFR had a quality and a style that I haven't seen in another bike of it's type and style.

    Soooooo, my mind and heart is telling me that the VFR is the right bike for me. BUT, if I were to say to all of you, find me a VFR that is a VFR in everyway, but has the power, launch, accelereation and punch of a Fire Storm, what would you suggest?
  19. Go the VFR Doonx.
    Go up 2 teeth on the back sprocket and you'll get the front wheel lifting fun factor with all the good points of the viffer.
    You lose a little bit of top end with the gear change (prob be a good idea to get a speedohealer) but equiv. to a 7% increase in rearwheel power to the ground and the best thing is it moves the viffer into it's most efficient rpm range at 100kph in top gear so even though you go up a bit in revs you actually get better mpg.
    Good Luck mate
  20. try the sv1000s and remember you can get a full fairing kit for this bike.....has that thou punch.... and is slightly more refined then the storm....or stick with the vfr