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Going 'round the boom

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jace, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. I was at the Melbourne Airport short term car park last night, aruond 18:30. I was on my bike and as usual I had ridden around the boom at the entrance to the car park. I dropped off my wife and everything was going swimmingly. It was at the exit where it got strange.

    There was a huge lineup of cars all waiting to get though the booms(normal). Now there seemed like there was a problem with the boom ticket machines. There was an airport employee walking around with keys unlocking all the gates. The line to get out needless to say was huge, I thought screw waiting (besides I dont have a ticket anyway). I just slipped up the left of the cars and took off.

    BUT as I was taking off thought I heard this airport bloke yelling out "Hang on, Hang On, HANG ON !". I am not sure though with the pipes and the helmet and the earplugs I really cant hear much (expecially from behind) So I am wondering if he was shout ing out why would that be? To wait in line with all the cagers. Or did he expect me to pay? What do you chaps reckon? Or what do you do at the boom?

  2. Haven't ridden my bike to the airport, but every boom gate in a carpark that I come across I just ride around
  3. What's the law on this issue? I've been going around booms too, but I've no idea on whether it's illegal or not. Makes sense to me that it wouldn't be, since I'm using up as much space as any pedestrian just about, and I don't see pedestrians paying for entrance to the car park (at Victoria Gardens, one of the pedestrian access points is shared with the entrance to the car park)!
  4. Everyone does it at the airport, yeah just keep going! :)
  5. Bikes park free at the airport.
  6. I avoid the booms and cagers altogether and exit at the pedestrian access down by the hotel.
  7. I checked the Melbourne Airport website about parking information, the only place allowed to park a bike is in the Short Term Carpark, but nothing about charges or anything. I used the feedback form to ask about it and was told that Motorbikes park free and to just go around the booms on entry and exit.
  8. Goin' round the boom 2

    Seeing the original thread was locked as the original airport question was answered I thought I'd start another thread asking the wider question.

    So is it legal to dodge around vehicle boom gates to avoid paying for anything??

    Considering they are vehicle gates & motorcycles are considered motorised vehicles under the act then I believe you are breaking some form of law or breach of entry condition by not paying.

    Any other thoughts??
  9. a lot of places don't have bike bays and they'd much rather fill the car bays with cars.... as long as you park in a corner or somewhere that's not going to interfere with traffic/cars i think it usually get the green light.

    Definately worth checking first though so you don't get a fine.
  10. Some of the boomgates have room to clearly get around them (QV Melbourne, Melbourne Central, etc) where as others are very obviously designed that no one nor nothing can get around them (Royal Melbourne Hospital). I'm all for the dodging of paying horrific amounts for parking and at the same time i never take up a car spot thus not reducing their potential income.

    I've never had an issue with it yet.
  11. Depends on the place.

    Certain places tell you to go around the boomgates. Others get upset if you do.

    For example, in Sydney, Broadway tells you to go around the boomgates. As does the airport.

    Where one of the bondi shopping centres gets very upset if you do.
  12. I've only gone around boom gates once !
    Chatswood Westfields, the boom gates could not detect the weight of my bike. So I went around it.Went around it on my way out also, could not be bothered arguing with the guy at the booth why I didn't have a ticket.

    While we are talking about avoiding boom gates, I just noticed that they have put plastic chains between bollards at the south end of the Harbour Bridge. Now motorcyclists can't avoid those boom gates. :p Before you could nip into the left most bus lane.

    M2 Motorway boom gates, theres a way around them now ! ;)
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