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Going Riding on Mondies

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Ljiljan, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Is epic.

    End of story.

    But seriously, it tears shreds off riding on weekends, next to no traffic - both the standard and red and blue type, when various red and blue types are around they usually ignore minor indiscretions and the occasional moments you push the boundaries of what isn't quite strictly legal, you see all sorts of wildlife that would never poke their heads out on a weekend, and I think I forgot to mention there is almost no traffic.

    So, I headed off from home with first stop being the Natio Park. Of the half an hour I spent here, I passed one car. ONE!! Proceeded on my standard run southwards and heading towards berry, just before the first speed camera I made an arguably legal overtake or two (second was completely legal) and then passed an unmarked hwp a few seconds later. She saw my overtake, saw it was legal and left it alone, to her credit. This may seem a bit cynical but after witnessing bikes being pulled for a chat for exactly the same thing (all completely legal and well under the limit) I was a bit apprehensive.

    Now at berry I hit an obstacle. The donut van was closed. This NEVER happens - turn up at 3 am and someone will come out of the house and cook you donuts. So I was quite miffed. Continuing on, here I detoured from my standard. I backtracked to Woodhill Mountain Rd which is at the start of Berry and followed it through to Kangaroo Valley. Seriously, if you have the chance, take this road - I don't care if you only have time for cambewarra or whatever, do this instead. At least once to try at. It's absolutely serene, amazingly peaceful and one of the more terribly surfaced roads I have sampled. I actually got air on my little 250, quite accidentally, while crossing a bridge. Without putting you off, there is a short gravel section, but it is quite reasonable. This will now be on equal terms with berry mountain rd / tourist rd for my standard route into KV. Between that road and moonman's remix of orange theme trickling through my headphones, you couldn't have found a more content adult-grown boy this side of the moon.

    After passing through KV, I turned off onto mount scanzi rd, and headed for Bugong fire trail, a road I had spied on google maps as having potential. Despite the name, it looked decently sealed (for a fire trail) on the image. Well its not. It has the look of once being sealed, about 1500 years ago and then left to its own deviced. Having said that its not awful, very hard packed and not to much debris or gravel on the surface. The occasional corrogation here and there and to my surprise its even sealed at some of the more sketchy places. If your not afraid of taking a bike off road for half an hour or so, I recommend it. Head back over cambewarra where some p-plated fool in a falcon seemed to think it would be fun to stop me from overtaking. He quickly disappeared out of my mirrors and I hope he got stuck behind the truck that was a little bit ahead for the whole trip into KV.

    Barrengary mountain was standard Barrengary and only interrupted by two trucks slowly marching up the hill. They were quickly despatched and the amazing run continued.

    Heading onto the Pass, I had three of the best runs I am ever going to get of that road. No traffic being the clinching point, I felt so relaxed an in tune and focused. Absolutely monstered it, down up and down. The road work traffic lights at the top really help with separating any traffic out. The biggest hindrance was the fear of touching down a peg feeler which really freaked me the first time it happened and i've been quite scared of pulling into a tighter line which is annoying me. The last time down it was spitting a bit up the top so I took it a bit easier but it still felt just as fantastic.

    A shout out to the bloke with the garage next to Albion Park Caltex who leant me use of his oil can to wet my chain a bit, legend.

    All in all, it was my best ride in a long time, the most relaxed that I have been, the most focused I have been and additionally the most comfortable I have been with my riding in a long time.

    Now I'm at home, tired from the ride and the concentration required on the fire trail (probably didn't need as much but for my first time on gravel I was fairly tense). I'm relaxing to a glass of red, reflecting on the day that has been and writing this.
  2. Lilly, if you go into Nowra(I'll put a map up later) When you have the Time to waste, There is a nice run that would be worth the detour. It's one way, but its worth the trip back up it.
  3. yeh i can be there when I have want to be.
  4. Yep. Agree 100%. Don't bother with going for a squirt on the weekends anymore. One of the advantages of being a student I guess. Did the mac pass/KV/Kiama 'lap' Tuesday 2 weeks ago and it was bliss!
  5. Nice write up Lilley, thanks!