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Going price for help moving a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by urbansloth, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    2 questions in one here - what's the going rate to help a bloke move a dead bike to the wreckers, and is anyone interested? I would think such things would be charged in slabs of beer?

    Bike is CBD, wreckers will be the nearest I can find that offers decent $$, hopefully not too far out - PM me if you are able to assist, would be much appreciated!


    the sloth

  2. Prob should mention - someone with bike trailer required, as I don't have my own! (Hence the callout for help)

  3. Whats the bike, How much do you want for it from the wreckers,
    What is wrong with it,
  4. ^wot he said^
  5. Yeah, wot they said!
  6. It's a Ducati; yes that dodgy-looking house you're bringing it to is a wreckers, yes it's my bike. Have a beer champ, your a legendary cnt!
  7. Ill give you ten bucks for it, I need some land fill, Hahahahahahaha
  8. You can hire a bike trailer for about $30 which is probably less than a slab of beer. Course if you don't have a tow bar on a car you may still be up for a slab of beer.
  9. Thats about the cheapest option you will get,
    Bike tow truck will cost you $125-00 for bike not involved in an accident,
  10. Have you called up your local wreckers to see if they'll pick it up?
    I remember my Pulsar died and I got paid $50 for it when they came to pick it up...

    ....in the pouring rain... without a key... poor guy.
  11. Hi guys,

    Yeah no trailer and my car is ball-less (I hope it doesn't hear me), so a bit stuck there, would need rental trailer and car, or ute - I'm guessing that would total up near bike movers prices?

    It's a dead VFR (is there any other kind? ;) ), was running but no keys now. From initial enquiries it should pull ~$800-$1k, it's worth a lot more to them in parts. Time constraints prevent me from breaking it down myself.

  12. Is that offer open for the VFR too?? ;)

    I hope the landfill isn't for a quiet location, I'm sure the viffer would manage to rattle that cam chain even while underground
  13. Have only found one that will pick up (so far) - gotta figure out price with them, and if their 'price' is worth it... :)
  14. You will probably be better off putting it on ebay for $1 no reserve in terms of ease and money made.
  15. A ute from bunnings will cost less than $50 for half a day.
  16. RACV will tow a vechicle if its "broken down" to your place of wanting depending on how far which depends on your level of cover. Done it a few times to get home from mates places drinking.
  17. :-s =D> hahahah