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Going overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gabak, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Going overseas is it just me or do all riders just go overseas.

    justdoing some research on bikes advertised and 9 out of 10 are going overseas is this the case or is this just a good reason for selling a bike.

  2. Poor research, very low statistical sampling, or poor analysis methodology would be my view for that :) :wink:
  3. the stats for the going overseas line where not statistics from ACNielsen it was just quoted for arguments sake i dont know the exact figures but there is alot of tourist/ travellers selling there bikes.
  4. 2005 CB250, excellent condition, $7,000, 2,500km must sell, owner going overseas, first to see will buy.

    standard crap for a trading post ad. here in Perth we have the 'Qoukka' instead of trading post and they actually stopped people from saying 'owner going overseas' because it got to the point where everyone was saying it.
  5. So people are only using that line to sell the bike cause i was saying to myself that these people can't all be serious.
  6. yeah that would be my assumption.
    in fact a mate and i once used that line when we were trying to get rid of a 77 Falcon for about 3 times what we paid for it.
    Of cause, it could be genuine, but i'd be suss.
  7. I'm going overseas in August, and I'll be selling the duke then, so in my case the statement would be true.
  8. How Much??
  9. i'm going overseas in march and am selling my bike now, so my add is actually correct (but in general I think people just stick it in irrespective)
  10. A mate of mine had the same line from a girl he picked up one night. A real coincidence that she was leaving for London the next day.

    I told him she just didn't want to see him again and was prepared to leave the country to achieve it. :LOL:
  11. while you're on a trip, would you mind swinging by singapore? i've got a suitcase i've gotta have dropped off to an old mate :D
  12. LOL "going over seas" means to me:

    If you buy this bike and there is something NQR about it don't bother asking for you money back!!
  13. Depends on how many klicks I do between now & then. She's only got 3500 on her now (and that's only a 1000 extra since I got her). Plus I'm just about to put some termi's on her.

    It's 10 months away, so I wouldn't be waiting for it :)
  14. but all nine are staying in bali i bet :p
  15. No worries mate, just stick it in the Van with the other sh1t!
  16. ANd how would you get your money back even if they weren't going overseas? My understanding is that privately sold vehicles have no warranty, it's a case of buyer beware.
    Anyone who doesn't at least do some cursory checks on a vehicle before they buy it are just asking for trouble. If you don't know enough to check fr yourself, ask someone who has a clue!