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Going over 80km/h on L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bass_player, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I've found that I can cut my ride to work by about 15mins if I use the Southern Expressway instead of South Road. Problem is the speed limit is 100km on the Southern Expressway compared with 80km on South Road. Does anyone know the penalties in SA (eg fine and/or loss of licence) for going over the 80km/h restriction while on L's?

  2. Surely it'd just be treated the same as exceeding the speed limit - ie doing 100kph would be considered to be 20kms over (with whatever fine/demerit points go with it).
  3. If thats the case then its probably worth the risk. The only real way I could get caught would be if a copper is behind me. Laser guns or radar cant detect an L plate on the back of a bike when they are 200m infront of you :grin:
  4. You mean NSW isn't the only state with this asinine, archaic, dangerous 80kmh limit for learners? Why don't they just take you out and shoot you if they want to get you killed? :evil:
    Anyways, I suppose you COULD travel at 80 anyway. I just wouldn't recommend it.
  5. Agreed Wayne, that's a shithouse rule.

    It's scary enough riding an underpowered bike, let alone sitting in traffic that wants to go 20kph faster than you.

  6. The government probably looked at the stats, realised that the majority of deaths of L and P-platers occur at 100kph and decided that - as long as learners/probationary drivers don't go that fast, they can't die :roll: (same sort of logic behind the TACS "as long as your 5kph under the limit nothing bad can happen" campaign).
  7. I think though as an L plater you don't have any/many points, so if you do get caught then that's your leaner license goneskis!

    Worth the risk for the saving in time?

    I'd just leave earlier :p
  8. The whole L and p plate limit is a load of dog bollocks if you ask me, if im in a situation where I need to punch past the 80k limit, the hell with legal limit, I go over it, my state of safety is more important than some bs law.
  9. Just a guess but reckon after they hit you with your "20k over the limit" fine/points hten they'd get you with a "breaking conditions of licence" fine/points as well...
  10. why worry about 20km/h??
    i'm unlicenced and i do 200, they gotta catch ya before they can book you :wink:
  11. or scrape you off the tarmac...

    You're a goose.
  12. i don't know mate - is it worth possibly losing your l's over?? the fine might be ok but if it's a cop pulling you over, the demerit points are going to screw you.
  13. If you get pulled over on your L's on you bike, then you will lose your bike licence. The reason for this is that you are actually in breach of the provisons of your Learners Permit... Been there done that, it isnt fun.
  14. 100kmh is the upper limit isn't it? A 'recommended limit', I know you can get booked for going too slow if you are endangering traffic or being a menace but you can drive/ride at 80kmh on a freeway if you ahve a good reason eg: "I'm on 'L's", P's, stuck in 3rd gear, scared 'cos I am >80yrs old etc.
    Anyway who sticks to 100kmh on the freeway? Usually the traffic flow is a fir bit higher than this anyway.
    If I see traffic that is held up in the left lane I can usaully see if it is an old fart, some kid on P's or something else, I just overtake and let 'em be. IF you are doing less than the limit in the Right H Lane its a different story!
  15. for speeding offences, yes.

    other offences that encur demerit points, no.
  16. Dude what happens when you screw up and hit some one ??
    We as riders complain about the dickheads in cars that see us or don't care and here we have a guy that admits to speeding (we all do it yes !) but in the same sentence then say's he is unlicensed . I have a very close friend that used to ride bikes until a dick that was unlicensed hit him ! NO COMPENSATION nor could he sue as the dick was unemployed !

    Seriousley think about what you do, if you can live with the consequences then fine, if not don't do it.

    And about going faster than 80 on your l's mate i ride the hume highway between sutton forest and pheasant nest every day and the first month i stuck to 80 then couldn't be bothered and went and did my P's test.

    Slammer i don't meen to upset you mate I know you probably said it tongue in cheek but that's not the message we should be sending out to a new rider :grin:
  17. With a spade :?