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Going Naked!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guest, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I have after a long thought decided to turn my ZX2R to a naked beast. :LOL:

    Ha ha ha ha sif Edgelett probably would have been happy as a pig in mud reading that statement. But, sorry to disappoint I have not turned to the darkside.

    Although, I do have progressive pictures of my slow but sure restoration of the blue baby after my recent Lozzing. I will add some more as the time goes on, for now it is just the removing of the fairings to find all the cracks and prep em for some plastic welding after my little offing I had. :(

    So here is a couple shots of my removal of all things decorative;




    More when the hard part starts... Which will be err... Tommorow :LOL:
  2. Hey well done mate, looking forward to it when its all back together and looking pretty as a picture.
  3. Ah - glad to see you're finally fixing the beast!!
    Though know I've seen that pic of your driveway I know EXACTLY where you live! he he he.
    Let us know if you need a hand with anything - Pagan gets home from work at 3pm & I'm sure he'd be happy to assist.

    Looking forward to seeing it all back together & beautiful again!
  4. Yeah you may know where I live, but I know where you live remember. :p

    I am just heading out to the hardware now to pic up some things e.g. zip ties. If I get stuck... You'll be hearing from me :)

    "Pagan" works Sundays?
  5. no sorry I meant weekdays - weekdays he finishes at 3pm.
    we're home this weekend but we have visitors coming at 4pm.
  6. Well you can let him know that I have not dodged it up as yet, everything seems to be going well. :LOL: For once in my life. I have rubbed back the cracks welded em up, rubbed em back so they are smooth again and she is sweet as. :grin:

    So far I have only done 1 fairing fully, I have to rub back the second one and then do the nose cone and magic all done just gotta get her painted.

    Know of anyone that will paint 'er up good n cheap for me... Not cheap n nasty. You know reasonable price and a good job? Last guy I asked wanted 700$ pft!

    Here is my progress so far.




    I pulled all my stickers off the fairings as you can see. I was actually thinking about getting some new ones on there. I was leaning towards the Australian flag being stuck on there since it will match the paint colour. :LOL: What do you think?
  7. Mateeee... Aussie flag sounds like a great idea! I think it would match the paint work, very patriotic.
  8. Yeah next I might join the Army... Errr no :LOL:
  9. I'll only join if they start up a Motorcycle Calvalry! :cool:
  10. to be honest, painting a faried bike costs more than painting a naked bike, esp if the panter is supplying the paint too. i.e it cost me $600 to paint the Hornet (but then that's a special colour...)

    Are you going to re-paint the entire bike or just the fairing?

    I'll ask Pagan where he got his ZZR painted. (it was somewhere up this way) He also got some custom decals made for it so again I'll get him to jump on here & let you know where/how much.

    Will you be supplying the paint?

    job you've done looks good mate.
  11. Big job! Aussie flag would look ace or a boxing kangaroo. have a look at decals rather then paint
  12. Just for a laugh bolt the headlight back on and take a photo for us.
  13. Hi ya mate, Two pack paint is not cheap but if you are going to paint all of the fairing then you will save on colour matching. You will also have to rub the whole fairing back with 2000 grit paper and get rid of any shiney paint ( just take the shine off, dont rub all the paint off). This will save you some cash on labour and build up those spindly little arms of yours :p

    Once done if you shop around try and find the colour you want the bike at a good price as a panelbeater will slap ten percent on the cost if they order it. Dont forget you will need clear coat as well and this is often as expensive as the base coat and you should put at least 2 coats of this ( I would put three). I got the old ZZR painted for $300 because i supplied the paint and did all the ground work i only paid for primer and labour to paint the job.

    The paint I (Ahem) found at work so it cost me nix. but once you think your ready for paint just drop in after 3pm and ill have a look at the beast and give you some pointers as well as show you some places to go get it done.

    As for the decals when you drop in ill tell you were to go for those and the place is really good on price and there computer cut and can be layered.
  14. Lookin good mate, I like the Aussie flag idea. Then you could drive it down to Cronulla... :grin:
  15. I don't mind doing all the ground work and that. I will rub back and that I am painting the whole fairing so I don't have dodgy looking bits.

    I will be keeping the same colour though. Cause I like it... And it matches my helmet haha.

    P.S. I have no clue where to go looking for this paint colour. Like which shops or retailers etc. Never painted a vechile before.

    http://www.cyclecolor.com/id26.htm I am trying to work out which blue it is at the moment as well... Cause I really do like the colour. Looks good I think.

    I will pop round sometime this week and show you how I have gone. Will be finishing off the welding side of things tonight I think. Then I will rub it back just before I get it painted so it doesnt weather. :)
  16. Do you have a picture of the headlight on with no fairings shaun???

    I want to see how it looks.. :)
  17. ROFL I don't think so man, they will probably think I am trying to hard to fit in and crown me LOL :p

    No not as yet I spent the rest of tonight after work rubbing it back I will take a photo just for you okay dude. :p I will put it up probably tommorow

    That boxing Kangaroo thing sounds sweet also.
  18. great job mate. everything's better naked :wink: enjoy the journey!
  19. I reckon a Boxing Kangaroo or a Kangaroo with a front and rear wheel, Sort of like the SuperRoo on the XY falcon.

    Thanks Shaun, cant wait to see what it looks like with the headlight and no fairings