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Going Naked :)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Krum, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Hello All.
    I am new on this forum. So i thought i'll say hi. I live on the Gold Coast Qld.
    I have recently got bored with my GSXR 1000 k2 and deceided to go naked :)
    It also made it more fun in the tight staff and keeps me from doing silly speeds that almost lost me my license :(
    Thought i will post some pics.
    Would be good to see other peoples builds.
    P.S No i did not crash it :D


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  2. I think you should cut another set of air intakes into the frame :shock:
  3. :-s umm ... i don't know what to think ... umm :-s

    welcome, though! :)
  4. As long as your happy with it that's all that matters. Nice bike.
  5. Now there's a ****en man bike. I've been looking at that headlight unit, it wouldn't work on any of my projects but it's not bad at all on the Gixxer. Did you keep the standard clocks?

    I bet it's a proper hoon machine now.
  6. Thanks Loz.
    Its a lot more fun now :) great through tight twisty roads. More comfortable for general riding as well.
    Yes kept the same clocks, just had to make a new mount.
    Its got a couple of mods on it but nothing too evident ....yet :)

    * K9 gsxr600 Front End, Forks, triples, brakes, hugger. (Now has the radial brakes)
    * K8 gasr1000 rear shock with K6 spring (Low and High speed compression)
    * Custom dogbones to raise the height.
    * Renthal Fat bars and mounts
    * Rerouted wiring inside the frame
    * Koso Mirrors
    * Fleabay streetfighter headlight with modified wiring for better globes.
    * Belly pan made from my fairings with custom mounts.
    * Made up a screen
    Thre are few things that will be done to it in the near future....
    * K6 GSXR1000 Swingarm
    * CBR1000RR 09 10 subframe and seat section.
    * Yamaha R1 07 monoblock calipers

    Its all just a bit of fun :)

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  7. very nice mate, i think it actually looks better naked!
  8. that's sick, i love it... but you need to jack up the rear more haha
  9. Im imprerssed, very nicely done. But i wouldn't paint the frame black, silver works well
  10. nice job.....looks hot =D>
  11. I'm not usually a fan of naked bikes but this looks fantastic! Well done :)
  12. gettin there. dont stop now
  13. Terrific job, it looks awesome!