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Going keyless...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 6ixxer, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. I'm considering removing my ignition barrel ala racebike.

    This is due to the stupid number of times I've had to replace it due to ****s with screwdrivers.

    So the lights and fuelpump would then operate from the killswitch. Therefore I need an immobilizer on the ignition signal so every Tom, Dick n Harry can't start it.

    What other side effects would I need to plan for?
    1) Preventing someone leaving the lights on by flicking the killswitch to on
    2) How to use the alarms passive arm option with no Acc/Start positions to hook into (wouldn't want to switch off and forget to arm the immobilizer); use a proximity relay on the starter instead of standard immobilizer?

    Appreciate advice so I can keep my bike and not worry whether I'll have a munged ignition every morning.

  2. I suspect your insurance company might have an issue with this, I would start there.
  3. better home security? or a vicious dog!


    Put a cover on the bike, and then a huge long chain around it, so no one can easily lift cover up unless they unlock chain.

    or just get a huge security guard

  4. You could go down the RFID route and have a tag attached to your keys, when you're in the vicinity however its off if you are over 1 - 2 metres away?
  5. You could go the security through obscurity route and relocate your ignition somewhere not immediately obvious, behind the fairings? You'd still need a key (which might be better for insurance), but it would be pretty difficult for wannabe thieves to get a screwdriver in to attack it, assuming a suitable spot exists.
  6. aint cheap, but