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Going GP shift

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Ok first of all who hear has made the switch? Do you run it on your road bikes to keep it consistent?

    First of all before I get flamed to death my reason for wanting to try;

    Last time I went to EC on the daytona I'd changed my gearing (-1 front) which made a massive improvement on the track. The downside was that I'd have it cracked over on a left hander (T2, T7, T12), second gear, knee on the deck. I'd have the bike pointed where it needs to be and being winding it up, problem was I couldn't physically go from kneedown to the shift position in time which forced me to slow my roll on considerably when I could be at WOT. Is was at that moment the little lightbulb illuminated "hey this is why they have GP shift!".

    I've pretty much given up road riding now, sold my daytona and will be losing my lic again. So I've started building a dedicated tracky (07 cbr600rr). I did a backyard shifter linkage flip and cable tie all the hoses out of the way job just to try it.

    Took it out for a couple of rides and love it, but I have shifted the wrong way a few times but never released the clutch. The plan it to try and do some road kms on it to try and get completely used to it before hitting up the track. It seems that the only time it's a problem is when you get excited or in danger then your built in reactions take over which is the time it's less forgiving. I need to spend some decent time training myself but it looks very doable after the trails that I've done. If I get another roady one day I'll make sure that I change that to GP for my sanity.

    Maybe it's a total wank I haven't tested it at full pace but even just normal riding it's so easy to upshift.

    Anyone got any experience with making the switch, was it worth it?
  2. I'll just stay out of your way first session at the track lol....

    The only place I'd want it at the creek is the short shift to 3rd out of T2 I have missed that shift a couple of time's

    other than that T11 at PI would be handy too....

    Be interested in your thought's after you do it...
  3. Not worth it, plenty of pro riders don't use or need it...
  4. just do it man, youll get used to it. its done for a reason, after a while it'll feel more natural and stamping through the gears is pretty satisfying!
  5. It is safer if you are changing coming out of a lh corner with stull alot of lean going on, mate. It's really personal taste and i wish i could do it, mate.
  6. Lol yeh Dave if you suddenly hear the bike go quiet approaching T2, you know I'm in strife!

    Yeh I've struggled with the short shift out of T2 aswell because it's right as your swapping sides.

    Yak, I've noticed that there are some guys using regular shift in pro racing but it seems that GP is by far the majority. Like I said in the OP I realized that I was struggling in certain areas, if GP shift is a quick fix and takes strain off my ankle then why not?

    The real question is can u teach an old dog new tricks? I'm not that set in my ways, it won't be easy though.
  7. Slap on a quick shifter, forget the clutch :)
  8. I don't think I'm leaned over all that far on the shift but I find it hard to get back onto the bike when exiting onto a straight, so I'm still pretty much in the hang off position when it's time to shift. Normally id wait till the shift point to move back onto the bike. This wasn't a prob with stock gearing but now it spins up so quickly I'm struggling to go from weighting the peg to reaching under it and shifting in the short time. I guess it's partly a fitness thing.
  9. On my Pantah it has a left standard shift,same as my Husky dirtbike and my Laverda has a right side stand shift,my brain just does it automaticaly now.I once rode a Norton to Adielade and with its right side GP style up for 1st that took some getting used to_On the road at lower revs its not the end of the world if you stuff up,maxed out at the track could be intersting
  10. Once upon a time most shifts were down for up.
  11. To many popodoms and curry in a hurry mate
  12. Hahah! Imagine a quickshifter and not being used to GP shift?? You'd want a proper belly pan on your race fairings that's for sure. It's like a dodgy curry for your gearbox!
  13. Just to follow up on this, I've stuck with GP shift and it's great. Did a trackday and it made a big difference going from 2-3rd.

    I've also ridden heaps of bikes with regular shift pattern since and now I can comfortably go between bikes with both patterns and have no problems, just took a bit of training. At one point I owned one of each and would swap between them.
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  14. Udlose, (or anyone else) did you ever find a way to conveet the daytona to GP Shift.?
  15. I run both patterns...the street Across is street at the moment while the VFR track bike is race pattern. One reason I changed the VFR to GP is because the new rear sets sit higher and the link rod wasn't sitting properly in standard pattern which caused a bit of issue with gearing. During a test and tune, I concentrated too much on changing gears since I didn't want to blow the gear box and during hairy moments I naturally went back to street style...which isn't too bad since it will gear up so gear box would be safe.

    I did find GP pattern being much easier to ride on the track in comparison...much easier to change up and it feels sturdier having to push down on the lever while coming out of a corner.

    When I can be arsed, I'd be changing the road bike to GP shift so that it becomes more second nature when I get back on the track...I will most likely look like a try hard racer with GP shift on a 250 Across!
  16. Tis amazing how you adapt.
    I use to ride a YZ in the 125 class and a Husky in the open. Different sides for the brake and gear lever. cant ever remember thinking about it. Just jumping on and doing it.
    T2 & T3 is a pain on a 600. Short shifting feels so slow and staying in 2 pushes you wide and runs out of breath.
    Are you hitting the limiter down the strait ??? Another couple of teeth on the rear perhaps.
  17. Yeh I know what you mean about going between T2-T3, it's very awkward and the tip in point always seems to be at the shift point. I wasnt topping out on the straight so I've got another sprocket coming, should allow me to shift earlier out of 2 and overall make it better. Those 600s have to be screaming to work so I'll keep gearing it down till it runs out of legs.

    Raven the daytonas can't be GP shifted with the woodcrafts. When I bought them I was asked which pattern I wanted and I went with standard. I know they sell single components so maybe you can buy just the parts you need to make it GP shift?

  18. Thanks mate, good tip that i had'nt thought of. I'll contact them.