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Going from Syd -> Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by say_wat, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. I will be shifting to melbourne within the coming month ( :grin: blackspur!GOR! :cry: Weather). The issue is that i have to transport my towbar-less car (96 Honda Civic) & my bike there. With the car, the simple solution is to drive it there...but what about the bike?

    That is why i am tossing up this request (God knows, somebody might be able to help) -- Anyone with a trailer etc going to melbourne any time soon from Sydney that can take my bike with them? I'm willing to pay for it.
    What are the usual transport charges to Melbourne by a freight company? Are there any freight trucks/trains that transport motorcycles cheaply.

    I'd appreciate if anyone can guide me in the right direction or give me any recommendations. The way i see it, if it costs too much, wouldn't it be more financially sound to invest in a Towbar + Trailer?

  2. How about you drive down, get a cheap one way fare on a plane back to sydney then ride your bike down???

    That's the fun way.
  3. lol, believe it or not, i've actually thought that but not only am i not man enough for two 10 hr journeys back to back but the bike is not registered at the moment :oops:
  4. bugger. There goes that idea...
  5. One off: use a transport company.

    But getting a tow-bar means you can hire or buy a trailer and use it in the future.

    ... here's a photo of me loading the dirt-bike into the trailer the last time we went camping:


    Anyway's..... I'll ride the bike down, just pay my airfare up there and i'll do the trip on the bike :grin:
  7. Have at look in the links directory

    I can recomend MTS , you get a NR discount, and they do a damn fine door to door service.

    My VTR1000 from Padstow to Berwick was just a tad over $300 about 13 months ago.
  8. he said bike unregistered
  9. :p to you... just get a 7 day temp rego from VicRoads :LOL:
  10. you mean the nsw equivalent of course?
  11. Would you go to the RTA (NSW) or Vicroads?? I mean, he's heading to Victoria anyway... Hmmm.
  12. Yeah, thats why i said VicRoads...
  13. nah you said it cos your a nerd :cool:
  14. AM NOT... not once you remove my glasses and pocket protector anyway :p

    Anyway, off topic here.... I'll still ride it ;)
  15. You can get a 7day temp rego from vicroads? I didn't know that... any more details would be appreciated.. does RTA offer it too? If so maybe i'll take you up on that offer.... u can trash my r1 all the way down south (with me driving close by :p)
  16. As close as one can be in a car compared to the bike :LOL: just kidin... I dont know about NSW RTA, maybe call them and see what they say...

    I know the one in Vic is supposed to be so you can get it from home to a repairers, or something like that...
  17. should put out some more $$$ and get a towbar and trailer.
    Always usefull having a towbar and trailer.
  18. Imajo, it seems now that i have to take a LOT of stuff - I was hoping for some recommendations from people in regards to transportation of my Car, Motorcycle & some other belongings. The plan is to Drive down to Melbourne so that takes care of the car and hopefully get some interstate removalists to pop my few belongings (fridge, tv, washingmachine, motorcycle too (fairingless-tankless)! etc) on the back of a truck and pop it down to where(ever I decide to) live in Melbourne.

    Can anyone recommend any such removalists that do interstate work? My most ideal would be somebody who could just drive a 2tonner? truck there - My friends and I would be more than capable of loading & unloading the truck! (I am trying to save as much money as possible in this move). Would freight by train be a better (cheaper) option?

    Has no body ever moved from SYD to MELB before dammit! (i've got gitters i think- so sudden!)
  19. G'day there, I drive an 8 tonne truck for Maroondah Towing, and we have done interstate work before. I got a reletives car trucked up to sydney for $300 through the company, but if it is just a bike, it would be probably cheaper to chuck it on the removalist truck. If you would like to explore the concept of getting the bike down seperately, there is a company called door to door transport, he goes up and down the coast from melb to qld, with cars , and bikes. If interested I will get the number for you. Getting a tow bar would be a good option, at a cost of about $250 fitted, it is something you will use more than once.


    P.S Vic rds temp rego is stricktly for driving a vehicle to and from a place of repair, and carries limitations such as hrs of use and distance.
  20. The best way is by truck- just look up sydney melbourne movers and give em a call- they put your bike in the space left over after a load and charge you bugger all- I had a kenworth deliver a houseload of furniture I used some crew in Bondi. Cant remember their name sorry
    The train is another option but is expensive.. tow balls normally need an under car brace which ends up costing 800 bucks or so, so probably not worth it. I once had to hoist my bike into my boat in order to get it down from Bris behind the car.